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We help businesses create more valuable customer lifecycles with exceptional closed-loop solutions driven by technology, people, and process.


Transforming Lives and Businesses for Over 25 Years

Televerde has evolved over our 25-year history into a provider of business solutions that span the entire customer lifecycle. Our modern approach to the customer journey eliminates silos and engages sales, marketing, and customer success as an infinite loop of possibility.

Our business has transformed along with our customers. In 2020, we transitioned from a telemarketing-focused provider to a holistic business solutions company. We recognized that rapid shifts in technology were changing the way people behaved. Customers no longer entered through the same door: they dropped in at different points, with different needs. The 120-year-old sales funnel model was fading away in favor of a new system: the closed customer journey loop.

With over 600 professionals, speaking over 30 languages, across four continents, we have the human potential to help businesses adapt. Today, Televerde is able to serve our customers’ needs across the lifecycle, whether through targeted services or a seamlessly integrated end-to-end approach.

Since 1994, we’ve led the market in revenue creation powered by the human touch. Our founder Ron Bell envisioned a business driven by compassion. He launched Televerde as a “force for good”: a humble platform to change lives with second chances. Little did he know, he’d eventually change the way we do business, too.

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Empowering Your Customers to Grow With You

We are proven experts in revenue creation. Our end-to-end, omnichannel services transform results by optimizing the modern customer journey for deeper loyalty, more fruitful relationships, and revenue growth. We work seamlessly with businesses to improve existing programs while eliminating obstacles to help you thrive in a changing digital-centric world.

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Guided by Excellence

We’re a collective of purpose-driven professionals dedicated to serving our customers, communities, and employees. Our organization brings together committed and passionate leaders with a shared interest in helping you achieve your goals while improving lives. We invest in quality people who deliver quality results.

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Our Model

A Company Built on Second Chances

We empower previously incarcerated women by providing them training, education, and jobs to help them re-enter their communities and build meaningful and rewarding careers.

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Our Culture

We Thrive on Purpose

While we’re known for our innovative technology solutions, we pride ourselves on our human touch. Read how we make compassion the heart of our business.

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Diversity & Inclusion

We Bring People Together

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed. Learn about our commitment to building a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace.

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Realizing potential is what we do best. Want to join our team of growth-minded professionals? Explore our job openings.

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