High-Tech Revenue Creation, Powered by People

Unlock extraordinary revenue growth by leveraging the power of human insight and expertise. With 30 years of experience, Televerde combines cutting-edge technology with the power of the human touch, driving significant revenue growth for our clients.

Our people-first approach guarantees that every solution we offer builds high-value, long-lasting customer relationships. Looking to earn more for your customers? Let us guide you.

We specialize in creating richer customer lifecycles, utilizing a seamless blend of technology, strategic acumen, and in-depth understanding of customer needs.

Our Culture

Our culture thrives on meaningful connections within our organization and with clients. More than a company, we’re a community dedicated to individual growth and well-being. We embody values that foster a compassionate, innovative, and supportive environment. Connect with us.

Our Model

Televerde transforms lives through our unique model, empowering incarcerated women. We focus on breaking stereotypes and building futures, offering training, education, and jobs. Our approach isn’t just about employment; it’s about lifelong impact. Discover more.

Our Careers

Careers at Televerde are pathways to personal and professional growth. We’re committed to creating opportunities that nurture potential and reward excellence. Join our mission in a diverse, innovative workplace where every career journey is supported and celebrated. Explore Careers.

Transforming Lives & Businesses for 30 Years

Since 1994, we’ve led the market in revenue creation powered by the human touch. Guided by founder Ron Bell’s vision of a business driven by compassion, Jim Hooker, who served as President and CEO from our inception until he retired in November 2018, launched Televerde as a “force for good”: a humble platform to change lives with second chances. During his tenure, Jim also changed business as we know it. With more than 600 professionals, speaking 30+ languages, across four continents, we serve our customers’ needs throughout the customer journey with our innovative and integrated end-to-end approach.

On Shore & Near Shore

We operate in the U.S., South America, and Europe, accelerating revenue growth with proven demand generation and inside sales solutions. (Some links open to a new window with video.) 

Córdoba, Argentina

Glasgow, Scotland

Goodyear, Arizona

Homestead, Florida

Indianapolis, Indiana

Madison, Indiana

Phoenix, Arizona

Rockville, Indiana

Company Timeline

1994: Televerde is founded by Ron Bell
1995: Jim Hooker becomes president and CEO. Vince Barsolo joins the team.
1998: Televerde HQ moves to Phoenix, AZ
2001: Two Televerde contact centers open at Perryville Correctional Facility
2005-2012: Our third (2005), fourth (2007), and fifth (2012) contact centers open at Perryville
2014: Our first Indiana contact center opens at Rockville Correctional Facility.
2015: Our LATAM HQ opens in Córdoba, Argentina
2016: Televerde European HQ opens in Glasgow, Scotland
2018: Michelle Cirocco appointed CSRO
2019: Our second Indiana contact center opens at Madison Correctional Facility
2020: The Televerde Foundation is founded and Michelle Cirocco is appointed as Executive Director
2021: Our first Florida contact center opens at Homestead Correctional Facility
2022: Chris McGugan is appointed CEO
2023: Third contact center opened in Indiana at Indiana Women’s Prison

The Televerde Difference

Supplier Diversity

We help you achieve supplier diversity while simultaneously modeling different customer care approaches, lowering your overall cost and achieving better business outcomes where it matters most; servicing your existing customers.


Our scalable model removes the burden of accurately planning your need to scale up or down during high and low call volumes. We enable you to scale up to meet a higher volume of customer inquiries and requests, and to scale down during non-peak periods.

Sustainable Talent

Our business model of readily available agents become an extension of your internal workforce so you can reduce time to hire, protect your company from labor shortages in the market, and eliminate training and recruitment costs.

Empowering Your Customers to Grow With You

We are proven experts in revenue creation. Our omnichannel services transform results by optimizing the modern customer journey for deeper loyalty, more fruitful relationships, and revenue growth. We work seamlessly with businesses to improve existing programs while eliminating obstacles to help you thrive in a changing digital-centric world.

Guided by Excellence

We’re a collective of purpose-driven professionals dedicated to serving our customers, communities, and employees. Our organization brings together committed and passionate leaders with domain expertise and a shared interest in you achieving your goals. We invest in quality people who deliver quality results. Meet our Executive Team.

Awards & Recognition