5 Companies that are Rocking Revenue with SDRs

Be honest, is your strategy for generating revenue more of a one-hit wonder or a legendary rock prodigy? You may have had success with the execution of a previous sales/marketing plan, but jumping into an account-based marketing (ABM) approach without the right talent could lead to a total flop.

ABM is easier said than done. But Televerde Sales Development Reps (SDRs) crank it up to 11 to support clients and help to prevent any shortcomings.

Check out five of Televerde’s clients that are rocking their revenue goals by using SDRs in their ABM strategies:

1. SAP

SAP has entrusted Televerde for nearly ten years to support their revenue goals. The initial six-month pilot quickly transformed to 37 full-time SDRs supporting Enterprise (ENT) and Small-Medium Business (SMB) markets.

Results: SAP generated about 3,500 sales-ready opportunities (SQL/SQO), $960 million in pipeline, and $95 million in closed revenue – in just one year.

Why it works: In this long-term relationship, Televerde has learned SAP’s business inside and out. From products and organizational structure to social strategy and team building, Televerde strives to understand your business as if they’re one of your own.

2. Pulse Secure

Since their inception in 2012, Pulse Secure has leveraged Televerde to represent their brand and increase revenue year-over-year (YoY). They realized the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of an SDR function to focus on target account prospecting and to complement their ABM approach.

Results: Pulse Secure generated $27.8 million in closed revenue in 2017 and has also implemented Televerde Inside Sales Representatives (ISRs) alongside their SDRs.

Why it works: Televerde SDRs have strong product knowledge and can expertly reach your target audience. The SDR groundwork is essential to build quick and effective expansion.

3. InsideView

InsideView needed a strategy to increase bandwidth while safeguarding revenue goal plans. The program consisted of three Televerde SDRs to benchmark metrics and sales productivity against their internal team.

Results: InsideView experienced a 130% increase in YoY pipeline with Televerde attribution to 80% of all meetings scheduled.

Why it works: Televerde caters to InsideView through a hybrid model that fits their specific needs. Combining best practices from both companies propels natural progression to reach their goals.

4. Yodlee

Yodlee sought out Televerde for advice and guidance on how to not only keep leads warm but also nurture them through the buyer journey. The engagement kicked off in 2015 with two SDRs focused on North America. Yodlee has now launched SDR efforts spanning Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Results: Yodlee saw a 38:1 return on investment and achieved $21 million in pipeline.

Why it works: In this long-standing engagement, Televerde acts as a true partner of Yodlee, which allows for a top-notch go-to-market strategy to flourish.

5. Stellar Materials 

Stellar Materials teamed up with Televerde for their first outsourced demand generation program. Stellar implemented a Lead Development Representative (LDR) and two SDRs to engage their North American market.

Results: In a short time, Stellar generated nearly $1.5 million in pipeline, which continues to rise due to the amount of uncovered net new opportunities.

Why it works: With a dedicated team of SDRs responsible for net new lead generation and nurturing, all leads are tended to and Stellar’s account executives can close more business than ever.

This is music to your ears, right? SDRs are a total hit and are ready to rock your demand generation strategy. Have a conversation with us to determine how SDRs can help your ABM program and help you execute on your revenue goals.

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