5 Superhero Traits of an SDR  

Why are companies adopting the use of a Sales Development Representative (SDR) layer now more than ever? SAP, InsideView, and Yodlee, to name a few, know the power an SDR contributes to success. In fact, one can argue that SDRs are the hidden superheroes of your sales team, not the sidekick.

In comparison to those flashy guys, Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark, SDRs use their superpowers to not only rescue those in need, but also penetrate and crack the toughest accounts, reach C-level titles without breaking a sweat, and do it all without glitz and glamour.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 superheroes that SDRs model:

    1. Spider-Man: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Being the layer between Lead Development Representatives (LDRs) and Account Executives (AEs), SDRs use their Spidey-senses to connect with decision-makers by climbing the walls leading up to the C-suite. While an LDR sets the stage with a great first impression, an SDR builds a larger relationship web with potential buyers, layering connections from a nucleus of trust and building outward from there.
    1. Iron Man: He is the perfect example of combining the human touch with technology. His keen business acumen combined with sophisticated technology is the ingredient for battling obstacles. SDRs can conquer anything with a layered approach of marketing automation and AI, along with expert knowledge of a specific industry, all without donning an armored suit! Tony Stark once said, “Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk,” meaning, SDRs may start with complex marketing automation and strategy, but in the end,  the process leading to the desired ROI is simplified. According to ZoomInfo, SDRs that leverage a triple-touch approach have 28% higher MQL-to-SQL rates than SDRs that just use phone and email. Together, they become an unstoppable force.
    1. Superman: He’s the most powerful superhero. He’s strong-willed, but not aggressive, and remains approachable, just like SDRs. The super-hearing power of SDRs tunes them into a prospective buyer’s needs and concerns well past what traditional leads will give you. HubSpot found that 69% of buyers attribute a positive sales experience to “being listened to”. Superman, the ultimate good guy, is just like the SDR who is concerned with what is best for the prospect. They don’t go into a call with the intention of closing, they go in with the intention of providing value, gaining insight, and building a relationship. They use their x-ray vision to assess the entire situation, allowing for the best outcome. SDRs are the real “Men (and women!) of Steel.”
    1. Dr. Banner aka The Hulk: Like Dr. Bruce Banner, SDRs have two personalities: one side is calm and strategic and the other is triggered into attack mode once they’re on the phone! Of course, they don’t actually attack anyone on the phone but they do wait for the right moment and know when it’s time to “Hulk Smash” to seal the deal and move leads to the sales qualified stage. ZoomInfo also stated that, of accepted opportunities attributed to SDRs, 29.3% close. This means the average SDR is responsible for about 11 deals per quarter. Don’t underestimate the superhuman Hulk closing strength of an SDR.
  1. Wonder Woman: SDRs have the superhero ability to get prospects to open up, elaborate on their needs and challenges, and discuss the buying groups within their organization. The SDR can lasso anyone to discover the truth and gain a better understanding of any situation. With their natural ability to have meaningful conversations, SDRs understand the importance of asking the right questions to uncover the best solutions for clients. Good SDRs don’t force prospects into anything or use a script. They let the conversation flow, knowing that if there is a buyer challenge, they will discover it.

With superpowers like these, who needs comic books? Your Account Executives can’t do it all alone. The average Account Executive spends only one-third of their day actually talking to prospects because their top priority is to close more deals. So, help them out by adding a layer of SDR Superheroes to save the day!

Does your sales strategy need rescuing? Find out more about how the addition of SDRs and Televerde can help.

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