6 Tips to Help Your Sales Team Deliver Results

Your sales team is essential to customer lifecycle marketing, developing demand generation, and building sales growth. Over time, it can be difficult to continue to deliver results.

Currently, sales is one of the hardest roles to fill. Customer expectations and preferences are continually changing, making sales a difficult task. Reaching customers through the right channels, mastering lead generation, standing apart from the competition, and delivering tailored content that resonates and meets unique needs is a must for conversions. If your sales team is underperforming, they’re not alone. Only 24.3% of salespeople have reached their goals in the past year.

Keep reading to learn how you can help your sales team deliver results.

Key Takeaways

  • Sales success depends on the goals of your company and your sales team.
  • Knowledge, skill, and discipline play an important role in achieving sales success.
  • From prioritizing customer needs and developing a routine to maintaining communication and providing training, there are six major ways you can help your sales team deliver results.

How Do You Define Sales Success?

Every company depends on the success of a sales team to help generate revenue and compete in the marketplace. But how do you define sales success? Is it measured by:

  • Number of customers you convert
  • Amount of profit you earn
  • Number of phone calls you complete in a given day 

The correct answer is that it all depends on your goals.

While all those achievements benefit your company, your objectives determine true success. These goals act as benchmarks to guide your progress and determine what elements of your sales approach you should reconsider. Regardless of what your goals are, the following factors can help sales teams achieve success:

  • Knowledge: understanding your products, identifying your customers, and knowing how to put skills and information to good use will help you meet your goals.
  • Skill: communication, listening, negotiation, and persuasion are all instrumental in connecting with prospects and gaining conversions.
  • Discipline: the decision to actively work toward your goals helps you continue to strive for excellence.

Applying these three elements to your sales approach can help you meet your goals and propel your company toward success. The following video goes into more detail about how to define sales success and how to shift your sales mindset:

6 Tips to Help Sales Deliver Results

Whether your goal is to acquire the best lead generation or reach a certain revenue margin, there are ways to proactively help your sales team meet their objectives and succeed in their role. Here are six ways to help your sales team continually deliver results.

1. Set SMART Goals

To ultimately drive success, you must first set SMART goals to help you know the end result you’re trying to achieve. SMART goals are:

  • Specific: from reaching a certain number or completing a task by a deadline, specificity helps focus your efforts. 
  • Measurable: set checkpoints to help gauge the efficacy of your approach. 
  • Achievable: realistic, attainable goals can encourage you to keep moving ahead. 
  • Relevant: make sure your short-term approach aligns with your long-term vision. 
  • Timely: create a deadline to give you something to strive for.

Setting goals will help shape your approach and provide opportunities for evaluation along the way.

Setting SMART goals will help you maintain an effective and successful sales strategy.

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2. Prioritize Customer Needs

Today’s customers expect a tailored experience that meets their unique needs. By making your customer a top priority, you’ll build deeper, meaningful relationships that last. This builds trust and loyalty and results in continued business and ongoing revenue generation. Create customer personas to identify your ideal customer. Seek out data to gain invaluable insights into your customer demographics, buying habits, and pain points. Deliver solutions that resonate with them, rather than focus on simply trying to close a sale.

A buyer persona can help you identify your ideal customer and shape your sales approach.

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3. Utilize Tools

With continued technological advancements come countless tools to help sales teams succeed in their role. Enable your team with the innovative tools they need to track valuable data. Explore intelligent revenue to gather insights and recognize trends that can help shape your sales approach. Automate tedious and repetitive tasks that take time away from their primary focus. Use sales tools to help streamline your processes and provide efficiency to help your sales team perform at their best.

4. Develop a Routine

Sales teams juggle many responsibilities. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and lose focus on the tasks that need their utmost attention. In sales, time is important and can mean the difference between losing a customer and closing a sale. 

Improve productivity and help your team with time management by working with them to develop a routine. An organized daily schedule can enable workers to prioritize their to-do lists and streamline their efforts. They’ll identify tasks that aren’t necessary or duties they could delegate to other departments. A schedule keeps staff members on task and helps them reach their goals.

5. Maintain Communication

Keeping in constant communication with your sales team can help your staff stay on target as they strive to meet their objectives. Weekly meetings let you know where they are in their progress. You can learn what techniques are working and guide your sales team in other approaches to try. These conversations keep employees accountable, as they know you’ll follow up on their weekly progress. 

Open communication also creates an environment where people feel comfortable asking for help. Group discussions within the team allow people to share ideas, brainstorm new ways to connect with prospects and troubleshoot areas where peers struggle.

6. Provide Ongoing Training

Ensure your team is up to date on the latest skills and techniques by providing ongoing training. Continued education helps remind people of details they may have forgotten over time and grants them new information to perform at their best. In addition to building personal development and strengthening your group, training shows your team that you value them and are willing to invest in their success. This can be a morale boost and earn the loyalty that drives them to continue striving for excellence on your company’s behalf.

Help Your Sales Team Deliver Results

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