8 Ways to Boost Business Development

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Business development representatives (BDRs) have a bigger impact on your organization than you may realize. It can be easy to overlook this crucial role, but lack of attention to your BDR strategy can be detrimental to BDR performance, your sales team and your organization. As an entry-level position and one with notoriously high turnover, it’s often put on the backburner. But don’t be mistaken; a BDR team serves as the foundation of any modern sales organization, and a great BDR team can significantly boost business development.

The role of a BDR is not easy. They face a ton of pressure each day and always have a full plate. Without clarity from leadership, BDRs won’t have the time or energy to delegate tasks, lay out objectives, and focus on the right accounts. Lack of an objective-driven focus in BDRs can negatively impact every department’s productivity.

Even the most clearly defined KPIs can be hard to reach without any direction.

Fortunately, you can make some strategic adjustments to your BDR processes so everyone can reap the benefits.

Boost Business Development and BDR Performance With These Strategies

Many BDRs are used to functioning on autopilot rather than working independently and strategically. These eight strategies will give your BDRs a concrete yet scalable structure they can fit into their existing schedule to boost their performance exponentially.

  • Focus on Account-Based Marketing
  • Rethink Your Lead Scoring to Improve BDR Performance
  • Optimize a CRM
  • Set Clear and Attainable Objectives
  • Develop a Consistent Onboarding Process to Improve BDR Performance
  • Approach Underperformance the Right Way to Boost BDR Performance
  • Look for Areas to Relax with Automation
  • Make Sure BDRs Know What Customers Want

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