A Bold, New Chapter for Televerde

We all know that establishing brand identity is critical for any business. How you’re perceived in the market can literally make or break you. I’m fortunate to be part of a company that, since 1995, has built a strong brand presence. We’re well-known and respected around the globe, not just for the $8B+ revenue we deliver for our customers, but for the societal impact of our business model. But even strong brands must evolve.

Today’s consumers aren’t looking for products and services; they want personalized experiences. And to deliver these extraordinarily, we need to know them. We need to engage with them at deeper levels than ever before and connect with them at every stage in the buyer’s journey. More than that, they need to know who we are and what we believe in. Case in point: we talk a lot about millennials wanting companies to be more than profit, but did you know that Gen Z is called the “purpose generation?” It’s true; and their buying power is strengthening every day. They want companies to have opinions on issues that matter to them. They expect us to elevate our voice for purpose.

Televerde: A Company Born in Purpose

Today, our company unveiled a new brand that kicks off the next chapter in our journey. Bold, pioneering and caring, our brand reflects the purpose-driven company we’ve always been, while showcasing the power and innovation of our solutions, our services and our people. For our company, it’s a natural evolution that leverages our heritage and emphasizes our core values in ways that strengthen our commitment to our customers and optimizes results for their business.

With a new logo and website, we’ve put customers at the center of everything we do, and we’ll be engaging with them through impactful and vivid storytelling. Starting at the home page, visitors will be welcomed with video and imagery–from any device–and can scroll down to scan-and-click bites of news and information. We invite customers and prospects into conversations by asking the right questions and delivering the right information. Navigation is simple and intuitive, enabling visitors to get what they want, learn what they need, and understand how we can help.

The site contains integrated social media buttons to our Televerde blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, and we’ve placed Contact Us and Chat buttons on all our pages to ensure that communication is always on. We’ll update our site regularly with impactful case studies, blogs, press releases, white papers and more to help customers throughout their buying journey.

Perhaps most powerful, visitors will now fully experience why we do what we do. Our purpose is front and center, showing how we’ve been delivering superior customer experiences while enabling 3,000 incarcerated women to transform their lives. Their journeys underscore how businesses can drive profitability while helping to solve some of the most pressing societal issues of our time.

The new Televerde is experienced, modern, customer-focused, purpose-driven. We’re passionate about who we are, what we do, and we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo. Our customers and our communities are worth that much. We’ll continue to leverage the uniqueness and strength of our business model to drive smart business growth for businesses using the right combination of data intelligence, marketing technology and the human touch.

Our evolution doesn’t end today. Our need to transform, learn and grow is in our blood, and it’s what allows us to continue delivering superior customer experiences to customers and their customers, while empowering our women in orange to find and reach their full potential.

This is our brand. This is our story.

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