AI vs. the Human Touch: Which Will Prevail in B2B Sales?

At Televerde, we believe the answer is “both.” However, the question we need to ask is how we can ensure that artificial intelligence (AI) adds value to human endeavors, enhancing the trusted human-to-human (H2H) connections that are so vital to B2B success.

H2H communication expert Bryan Kramer and Chris Mercer, Televerde’s Managing Director, EMEA will tackle that question and others in our webinar Powering H2H Marketing and Sales with Technologyon Wednesday, March 6, 2024, at 9:00AM PT / 12:00 PM EST.

AI is already embedded in so many aspects of our work and daily life. It’s the autocomplete in our texting apps, the spam filter in our email, and the suggester of “best next actions” in our customer relationship management (CRM) software. These are all common, yet important examples of how AI is helping humans and learning as it goes — and how far it is from an always reliable tool!

People are here to stay in B2B sales.

AI comes in many forms, including apps powered by large language models like ChatGPT, and it’s spurring innovation and accelerating performance in B2B sales and marketing. But really, we should call it “augmenting” intelligence, or “assistive” intelligence, or even “accelerating” intelligence, rather than artificial intelligence.

After all, who wants to be engaged artificially? An AI chatbot may be able to answer a customer’s question. But it won’t build a pipeline or close a sale. And more importantly, it can’t build a genuine connection or business relationship. People buy from people, and establishing trust is vital when making a purchasing decision. It takes emotional intelligence and empathy to create that trust, and that can only come with human-to-human connections.

In short, people and authenticity are critical to successful B2B revenue growth. The more you remove humans from the sales process, the more opportunities for engagement are wasted.

AI can help people be their best.

At the same time, there are many use cases in B2B sales and marketing where AI can help humans perform at their best. There are AI-powered tools for automating rote tasks, such as managing email nurture streams, personalizing or translating human-crafted content, analyzing social media to inform ideal customer profiles, predicting customer behavior and readiness to buy, and analyzing sales calls to draw out winning strategies.

Join the conversation!

AI and H2H can be a powerful combination for driving growth. Yet there are essential questions to answer and ethical considerations to address for AI to foster trust and enhance human connections. Join Bryan and Chris on March 6th as they discuss these issues and answer your questions. We promise this will be an insightful and valuable 40 minutes for anyone interested in the future of sales, marketing, and AI. If you are already booked at this time, do register anyway for access to the replay.

Register today for our webinar Powering H2H Marketing and Sales with Technologyon Wednesday, March 6, 2024, at 9:00AM PT / 12:00 PM EST.

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