An Extension of Your Brand: Creating an Authentic Company Hashtag

What’s in a hashtag? In business, it turns out quite a lot. According to estimates, the number of worldwide social media users reached 2.34 billion and is expected to increase to 2.95 billion by 2020. What’s more, a staggering 590 million business people have LinkedIn profiles (as of January 16, 2019). That’s a lot of customers to reach. As technology continues to evolve and social media continues to grow, so too must the brand touchpoints we use to connect with our target audiences. Done right, a company hashtag can dramatically increase social media engagement and brand awareness. But it isn’t easy, and hashtags fail all the time, as companies like JP Morgan, Starbucks and McDonald’s have learned.

As you may have seen, Televerde unveiled its new brand this week (our new CEO Morag Lucey talks about it in her blog, A Bold, New Chapter for Televerde). It was an exciting moment for our Televerde team and, as you can imagine, we’ve spent the better part of last quarter analyzing who we are, what we aspire to be, competitive differentiators, personality, voice, etc. The result is an innovative new brand that reflects the purpose-driven company we’ve always been, while showcasing the power and originality of our solutions, our service and our people. For our company, this is a natural evolution that leverages our heritage and underscores our core values in ways that strengthen our commitment to our customers, employees and communities.

As part of our new relaunch, we updated our logo and launched a new vibrant, immersive website. Our biggest challenge? Believe it or not, creating the perfect company hashtag. As an extension of our brand, we knew it needed to reflect both our business and our purpose. After all, we’re respected around the globe, not just for the $8B+ revenue we deliver for our customers, but for the societal impact of our business model, which has enabled 3,000 incarcerated women to transform their lives with less than 5.5 percent recidivism (compare that to the national average for recidivism, which is close to 70 percent).

A #Hashtag That Fits Your Brand

Companies around the world rely on us to help them increase revenue and deliver sustainable business results. Our proven ability to combine leading-edge technology with a human touch accelerates the sales pipeline for our customers, while generating the demand they expect and more. That in and of itself is a differentiator. We’re really good at what we do. Add to that the strength and uniqueness of our business model in a time when consumers are demanding that companies balance purpose and profit, and we’re the real deal.

Born in purpose, we’ve succeeded as a company because of the remarkable results we deliver for our clients, while at the same time stepping up to help solve some of the most pressing societal issues of our time like drug addiction, recidivism and mass incarceration. These are the effects of doing business with us. And if you speak with our partners at the Arizona State Department of Corrections at Perryville, they’ll take it a step further.

Karen Hellman, division director of Inmate Programs and Reentry at Arizona DOC, gave a memorable talk on change at our TEDx conference at Perryville last year. She said that for real change to occur, people need two things: the mindset and the skills to find and keep a job, to remain clean and sober and to be a better person. And this type of change is occurring in her prison because of our model. She recently coined the phrase “Televerde Effect.” She describes this as our company going beyond the marketable skills and career opportunities we give to incarcerated women. What we do, she says, translates directly to safer prison yards. “Televerde is a coveted, high-status employer and the opportunity to work for the company instills women with incentive to stay out of trouble and make good choices. This sentiment is felt across Perryville and is a testament to Televerde’s way of doing business,” she added.

After our meeting with Karen, we knew we struck gold. Televerde Effect resonated with all of us in the room for its simplicity, authenticity and relevance. It speaks directly to the outcomes we provide to our customers and to our women in orange who strive every day to fulfill their human potential. It gets us. It just feels right. And with that, #TeleverdeEffect was born.

They say the best gifts are found when you least expect it. We agree.

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