CA, Inc, a Broadcom Company: Supporting Channel Partners

CA, Inc, a Broadcom Company: Supporting Channel Partners Through Challenging Times

If you’ve been around the B2B block for a while, you know that mergers and acquisitions bring a lot of stress and challenges. Specifically, maintaining business continuity while going through an acquisition is always difficult. CA Technologies was acquired by Broadcom in November 2018.

After the acquisition was finalized, CA Technologies had six months to complete the transition. As you can imagine, there were massive changes throughout the entire org – and a significant shift in approach to their customers and partners. CA Technologies – now a Broadcom company – partnered with Televerde to assist with direct and channel sales during the transition. The results have been amazing, and the engagement has been renewed, with more than 8X ROI in the first 12 months!

Fast forward to 2020, and most businesses have been hit hard or are experiencing new challenges due to recent world events. Broadcom acquired Symantec’s Enterprise business (now a division of CA Technologies) in November of 2019, and their massive partner channel needed help to navigate the change. By partnering with Televerde, CA, Inc, a Broadcom Company is able to deliver to the CA and Symantec partners the assistance needed.

We reached out to Broadcom’s Head of Global Partner Marketing and Partner Program Office, Laura McGregor Falko, to get some insight on her experience thus far. This is what she shared:

“Our extended Televerde team consistently goes above and beyond, unafraid to venture outside their scope, to solve challenges for Broadcom partners and customers. Their support enables us to focus internal resources on our core business, with assurance that our partners and customers are being well taken care of.”

-Laura McGregor Falko, Broadcom

We sat down with two of our dedicated CA, Inc, a Broadcom Company agents – Julie and Marissa – for a quick Q&A to learn more about their unique roles and responsibilities.

How have your day-to-day conversations been affected by the recent world events?

Julie: “Of course, the conversations are going to take a more authentic and empathetic tone, but what’s really interesting is how much more in-depth our conversations have been. Before the pandemic shut down all of our workplaces, people were always on the move and rarely able to sit down and focus on the problem at hand. People were too busy, shuffling between meetings and worrying about finishing work in time to pick up their kids from school. No one had time to jump on a web conference, share their screen, and allow me to work with them to solve their challenges. Due to everyone being stuck at home, I find that my conversations and work are more focused and less rushed, and meetings are more productive.”

Marissa: “The pandemic has definitely changed my conversations, but not in the way you would expect. I am finding these difficult times have brought us together as opposed to dividing us, and that has really shone through with the conversations I have with CA, Inc, a Broadcom Company customers and employees. Let’s face it, business has changed and what we once knew as normal is rare. Providing a source of support across all divisions has allowed me to build stronger relationships across the board.”

How do you define success at work?

Julie: “Providing support wherever I can. And not just any support, but focused, high-quality support that has a positive impact. In the workplace, it’s natural to hear people complain that they are on back-to-back meetings and can never get any work done. But for me, It’s all about quality over quantity. I am sometimes overwhelmed by the number of inquiries coming in — but when I find myself on a portal walk-through with a partner and I hear the appreciation and relief in their voice, it makes it all worthwhile. Time is such a precious resource, and if we want to be successful, we need to be strategic and deliberate about how we spend our time. At the beginning of the day, I always ask myself, ‘How can my work have the highest possible impact today?’ and I prioritize my time accordingly. This practice helps me stay focused on the end-goal of providing quality support while driving success for the client and ultimately for myself.”

Marissa: “Success comes with passion and pride. Genuinely caring for the client and their customers is key to providing the most successful outcome. Listening to feedback, having the courage to change and always striving to do better is essential to be the best at what you do. From there, teaching others what you have learned really brings success full circle.”

What challenges have you had to overcome in your role with CA, Inc, a Broadcom Company?

Julie: “Though we have supported the inbound partner channel since 2019, after an acquisition in February of this year, the level of support that Marissa and I provide the channel has increased exponentially. Getting a handle on the scope of the organization, the obstacles each of their stakeholders face, and the many changes that come with any acquisition is challenging, to say the least… but I love that I am always learning something different with each inquiry that I resolve. I assist partners and customers, as well as interact with the CA, Inc, a Broadcom Company team to ensure that every partner and customer experience matters.”

Marissa: “Since CA, Inc, a Broadcom Company has become a client of Televerde, there have been two large acquisitions which at times has been challenging, especially in the beginning. Being on the front lines, facing customer and partner challenges was initially rigorous, but, it made me a better representative of CA, Inc, a Broadcom Company through education and tenacious persistence.”

What do you think makes our partnership with CA, Inc, a Broadcom Company so successful?

Julie: “In my five years with Televerde, I’ve worked with several different clients and across various roles. When I joined the CA, Inc, a Broadcom Company team, I could see that it was a huge opportunity for professional and personal growth. The main stakeholder for the partner programs, Laura, is great to collaborate with, and is always open to giving and receiving feedback. We truly operate as part of the CA, Inc, a Broadcom Company team (she even includes us on their weekly partner program calls) and we always feel valued and appreciated.”

Marissa: “Strong relationships are built through collaboration, trust, and accountability – all of which CA, Inc, a Broadcom Company and Televerde embrace as a team. The trust and faith they put into us is paid back in spades — with our passion and dedication to our work.”

Here at Televerde, we love seeing our customers succeed! But the most rewarding aspect of our business model is the fact that our clients’ success is directly tied to a better future for the women and families of Televerde.

Delivering results for our clients while helping women realize their full potential is exactly what Televerde is all about.

Need help learning how to adapt and pivot to succeed in the new environment? Reach out with any questions or to talk strategy with one of our experts.

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