Forrester B2B Summit Showed Me the Power of Aligning Sales and Marketing

Aligning sales and marketing is more than just a strategic move—it’s essential for success. This became especially clear to me at this year’s Forrester B2B Summit, where my colleague Lorena Hathaway and I had some eye-opening discussions about the critical need for these two functions to work together seamlessly. 

When sales and marketing aren’t on the same page, the consequences can be significant. A marketing team might create a fantastic campaign, but if the sales team doesn’t understand it, or isn’t prepared to follow through, those leads can quickly slip away. It’s like having a great pitch that no one hears. This disconnect doesn’t just lose sales; it creates missed opportunities. When sales and marketing aren’t aligned, the company’s message can get confused. Customers might see one thing from marketing and hear something completely different from sales, which can make the brand seem inconsistent, or worse, untrustworthy. 

Communication breakdowns are another major problem. Without regular, open communication, both teams can end up working in silos, missing out on valuable insights that could improve performance. This lack of communication can lead to frustration and missed chances to make things better. A big part of this is the trust between sales and marketing. If sales teams don’t believe in the quality of the leads marketing generates, they’ll waste time chasing down poor prospects. This frustration can make sales teams skeptical about future marketing efforts, creating an unfortunate cycle of distrust and inefficiency. 

But there’s good news: these issues can be fixed. By promoting a culture of collaboration and transparency, companies can bring sales and marketing together, unlocking potential and driving growth. When these teams work together, the results can be powerful. Syncing strategies and messages helps create a strong, unified front that resonates with customers. 

This idea of alignment and the importance of real connections really hit home for me during a special moment at the Forrester B2B Summit. After years of virtual chats and Zoom meetings, I finally had the pleasure of meeting Seismic’s Chief Business Officer, Toby Carrington, in person. Meeting Toby was more than just a chance to put a face to a name—it was a powerful reminder of how personal connections can enhance professional alignment. Our conversation was richer and more impactful because we were able to engage face-to-face, underscoring the value of direct interaction. 

For better or worse, COVID showed us that we can build solid foundations virtually, but shaking hands and feeling that in-person energy adds a whole new dimension to a business relationship. Forrester’s event was the perfect venue for making meaningful connections like this one and turning digital relationships into lasting, personal connections. I was reminded how much face-to-face interactions help bridge the gaps between teams, fostering the trust and understanding that are essential for alignment. 

So, to all my fellow professionals, remember that behind every screen is a real person. Virtual meetings are great, but don’t miss the chance to connect in person when you can. Whether online or face-to-face, building strong relationships is key to aligning sales and marketing and driving success. Here’s to more meaningful connections and future collaborations that unlock our true potential. 

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