How to Create a Global, Scalable Demand Gen Engine

Have you ever looked into the engine of a car? An intricate web of pipes, hoses, and mechanisms keeps the vehicle running smoothly. One tiny hole in a tube can cause extensive damage. A burnt-out fuse can wreak havoc and prevent the car from even starting. For a vehicle to continuously run, it needs every part of its engine to function correctly, just like a demand engine in marketing.

The modern demand gen engine is far more complex as customers want more information and products are more intricate. So, trying to create a strategy might feel like you’re a mechanic for the original Model T trying to work on an electric sportscar.

Televerde’s team of demand generation marketers have experience with the latest demand gen trends. Let’s explore some of the main tips we learned from our clients and successful campaigns.

Key Takeaways:

  • Outsourcing demand generation allows businesses to scale and access new talent.
  • Find a team that matches your goals and has the necessary resources to succeed.
  • Seamlessly transition to outsourced demand generation by updating your data quality, adopting the necessary tools, and regularly checking in with your outsourced team.

The Challenge: Creating Scalable Growth

We have seen this scenario repeatedly: a large brand is experiencing fast growth and wants to expand its marketing strategies. However, they can’t reach their goals within their ideal timeframe.

Expansion takes time and effort. You must hire, onboard, and train new talent to fill those gaps. Meanwhile, valuable time that you could use to generate new demand and see sales growth sneaks past.

This was exactly where our client, Marketo, saw themselves. They were sourcing 90% of their leads through inbound marketing and wanted to expand into outbound marketing. Their company processes weren’t ready for expansion, even though it would greatly benefit the company growth.

They needed a demand generation engine that attracted and qualified a steady stream of customers.

The Considerations: Acknowledging What You Don’t Know

You can’t know what you don’t know, so businesses that step into new territory are most successful when they have a guide. Agencies that regularly perform demand gen marketing understand what to expect and the pitfalls to avoid. They’ll know where to adjust your strategy to achieve your desired outcome.

Outbound marketing was entirely new territory for Marketo, so they needed an end-to-end solution for ultimate support. To meet this need, they partnered with a complete customer journey marketing agency instead of learning on the go or risking valuable marketing resources on a guessing game. 

The Solution: Partnering with a Demand Generation Agency

Marketo found a partner with the required talent, knowledge, and practices for a successful outbound marketing strategy.

Outsourcing your demand engine provides several benefits, including:

  • Access to talent you don’t currently have on your team
  • Ability to quickly scale up or down within tight timeframes
  • Access to fresh ideas and insights from an outside perspective for a well-rounded strategy
  • More time for your team to focus on current business tasks instead of taking on new jobs

5 Pillars for a Seamless Transition to an Outsourced Demand Engine

Adopting a scalable, global demand gen engine as Marketo did requires four critical pieces.

1. Quality Data

Quality, real-time customer data fuels successful customized demand generation. When Televerde worked alongside Marketo, we began by cleaning and updating their database.

Auditing your database ensures you’re working with accurate data. This allows you to target the right personas, connect with current contacts, and use relevant information to personalize your correspondence.

Quality and secure data also protect your customers and brand when marketing on a large scale.

The cycle of data quality management
Image Source: TechTarget

2. Innovative Marketing Tools

Incorporating tech into your marketing helps you track processes, measure success, and respond to customers for a more productive demand engine. Artificial intelligence is currently making the most noise in marketing with its ability to perform tasks faster and more efficiently than when you do them manually. This efficiency helps companies process large datasets more accurately.

About 79% of sales and marketing teams say AI increased their company revenue.

An outsourced marketing partner uses the latest demand generation tech and software, which you may not have or know how to use. When you work together, you benefit from those tools for monitoring and running campaigns.

AI adoption among companies
Image Source: Zippia

3. Expansive Global Marketing Team

The world is opening up new opportunities for companies to expand into international markets. However, while technology makes it possible, not all companies have the global talent and tools to expand into new markets.

A vital part of a successful long-term partnership is finding an agency with an extensive global presence and tech knowledge. For example, Televerde helped Marketo with sales development reps with access to European, the US, Latin American, and Asia Pacific markets.

Televerde also helped Marketo learn from the global team through training resources so internal and outsourced teams acted and sounded like one.

4. Regular Reporting and Analytics

Marketing reports allow marketers to track the returns from their strategies. It also provides a detailed picture on how they generated those returns. The marketing team examines this data to find what worked best and areas of improvement to always maximize their investments. 

Focusing your spending on campaigns that yield the best results in demand generation, lead generation, and sales can help maximize your investments.

Real-time results allow marketing teams to respond faster and adjust their strategies to take advantage of new opportunities and prevent losses .

5. Early Checkpoints

Once a demand generation strategy is in play, companies and their outsourced team need regular early checkups. At Televerde, we ensure our clients are off to a strong start.

At the very beginning, marketing strategies haven’t resulted in sales yet, so these check-ins look at factors like marketing qualified leads, account plans, data quality, and agent relationships. These checkpoints also look at the health of the partnership and company communication to identify improvement areas so our clients can meet their goals on time.

Are You Looking to Set Up an Outsourced Demand Engine?

Partnering with an outsourced agency exposes you to new growth opportunities. Use Televerde’s tips to choose an agency that complements your company culture and has the capabilities to meet your marketing goals.

Before you start outsourcing:

  • Make sure you know your challenges.
  • Outline your requirements.
  • Receive executive support.
  • Collaborate with the outsourcing team.

Televerde can help you build a strong outsourcing strategy with our end-to-end services. You can achieve similar success to Marketo with our involved and high-quality partnership.

Contact us to learn more about our demand generation services.

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