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The Client

Our client is a global supplier of power grid products and services. These complex solutions help utilities safely and reliably provide power to where it is needed.

When the power goes out, life grinds to a halt. Our client provides utility companies the products, services and solutions to meet demand, update infrastructure and optimize power grid efficiency. While the engineering and sales teams were doing a great job educating the global markets and reaching out to customers and potential customers, they didn’t have the bandwidth to properly qualify hundreds of leads. Once qualified, our client knew that the quality products and services, as well as their reputation in the industry, would lead the way for a more in depth conversation.

The Challenge

Their existing customer service call center and marketing support solutions were doing lead follow-up, but they weren’t able to manage worldwide follow-up and good sales prospecting tasks in a unified and integrated, yet targeted and localized manner. They needed a solution that could scale quickly, globally and would be integrated into an efficient lead funnel and content system.

The Solution

Although Televerde wasn’t initially considered, a trusted advisor suggested that our client take a look at us. Intrigued by the business model and the social responsibility aspects, they talked with us about our lead generation and teleservices programs.

The work kicked off with a pilot project, with coverage in North America as well as Latin America, utilizing Televerde’s Argentina contact center and talented South American sales development representatives (SDR). Televerde’s SDR’s were trained on each of the products and services, learning how they could be customized for a total solution. The onboarding was extensive and thorough, with each representative trained to discover challenges, develop opportunity and gain commitment to deliver high value, fully qualified L5 leads for very complex products and services.

Televerde created the global framework for success including the multi-market execution, local language expertise and training as well as Quality Assurance opportunity review and call review processes.

The Results

Televerde’s international sales development reps took on the lead development and qualification work, immediately increasing the efficiency and productivity of the sales team. We worked through responder data to determine where the prospect was in the buyer’s journey and identified their core challenges. What used to take many days or weeks to respond to a web inquiry or tradeshow prospect, now happens within 24 hours. The hot leads that turn into Sales opportunities come after extensive qualifying with regard to purchasing timeframes, decision making process, green lighted projects, available budgets and so forth.

Our client was eager to continue the program when Televerde exceeded the MQL goal of the 3 month pilot by 30%. The engagement grew with Televerde adding online chat support and teleservicing in Spanish, French, Portuguese and English, delivering an average of 25 leads per week. Although the program started at a 75/25 percent split between North America and LATAM, the addition of the European contact center means that Televerde now provides lead generation for up to 40 different countries in North America, South America and Europe.

The Televerde team has been amazing and very accommodating during our selection and onboarding process. I have never worked with a more professional, accommodating and hands-on team. They are vested in our success.

Client’s Director of Global Marketing

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