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The Client

How much market share do you have? Do people know your name? We helped our client lifeIMAGE identify their true market sweet spot and increase brand recognition with large pipeline value that drove qualified prospects to purchase.

Clinicians can send and receive exams through the Electronic Health Records as part of routine clinical workflow helping to make faster, better care decisions while avoiding duplicate procedures. And the lifeIMAGE network makes an organization’s imaging practices more accountable, allowing them to thrive under new reimbursement models and meet strategic initiatives that ensure that all care providers and referrers can see the whole patient picture.

Televerde has been a true partner in augmenting and optimizing our lead gen capability. They are highly flexible, and achieved pipeline growth three months ahead of schedule.

Scott Koles, Regional VP Northeast, lifeIMAGE

The Challenge

As an innovator in their space, lifeIMAGE was new and having difficulty identifying their sweet spot in the market. Their low brand recognition resulted in frustration within the Inside Sales ranks. Struggling with attrition and having difficulty with pipeline traction, they were referred to Televerde from another of our clients. Looking for more than just a company that delivers leads, they expressed great interest in the sales partnership model.

The Solution

To better understand the industry and total addressable market where lifeIMAGE provides the most value, we first needed to identify the target customer. To accomplish this, we brought our data intelligence solution to the table. Through in-depth research, we drilled down on the known target audience, uncovering additional personas and industry segments. Once everyone understood the target audience, we then turned our attention to the attrition and its effects on lead volume. lifeIMAGE utilized a team of Lead Development Representatives (LDRs) to increase lead flow. Starting with a SiriusDecisions-defined lead criteria of L3, we refined the qualification process along the way. To nurture leads that developed into opportunities, lifeIMAGE also implemented Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) that worked alongside the client’s sales team.

The Results

lifeIMAGE chose Televerde because they were looking for an experienced, collaborative partner with the ability to scale. By outsourcing the early stages of the pipeline to Televerde, lifeIMAGE now has a lead generation engine driving qualified prospects into a buying cycle. A pipeline value of $2.5M has allowed for breathing room to expand strategically, knowing they have a trusted, reliable partner that is committed to their success.

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