Televerde Names Michelle Cirocco Chief Social Responsibility Officer

Televerde Extends Social Corporate Responsibility; Names Michelle Cirocco Chief Social Responsibility Officer


Televerde, the global leader in demand generation and inside sales solutions, has appointed Michelle Cirocco as the company’s chief social responsibility officer. In this newly created role, Michelle will design the strategy to extend the reach of Televerde’s corporate social responsibility program globally and create more career opportunities for disempowered populations.

Televerde’s purpose is to transform lives, which is a cornerstone to the way the company has conducted business since its inception. For more than 20 years, Televerde’s approach to business has been to train and invest in female inmates who want to better their lives, while in prison and after they leave. Building on this foundation, which has produced more than $8 billion in revenue for Televerde’s clients, Michelle will work with businesses, governments and other key stakeholders to extend the company’s business model into every aspect of the company’s work.

“Michelle has a deep understanding of Televerde’s mission and values, and a strong commitment to inclusivity, regardless of background. She is the perfect fit for this role and will help ensure a coordinated and strategic approach as we expand our business model,” said Vince Barsolo, senior vice president of operations at Televerde. “Since day one, Televerde has strived to take care of our clients, team members and communities. We will continue down this path, while bringing diversity and inclusion into the conversation and helping to expand fair chance hiring practices. With Michelle serving as our chief social responsibility officer, we’ll be able to extend this mission and our clients, team members and local communities will benefit.”

“I’ve been fully committed to Televerde’s work with disempowered communities for almost 20 years. I’ve seen first-hand the outcomes we can produce when we match our best-in-breed model with corporations, governments and other entities that want to change the norm. Most importantly, I’ve seen how people’s lives have been changed because this company invested in them and gave them a second chance,” said Michelle. “I’m thrilled to take on the role of chief social responsibility officer and to expand what we know is a proven methodology to different geographies and other groups who need support and opportunity. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish globally.”

Michelle developed her passion and commitment for the success of the business and growth of the business model through her career at Televerde, which began in 1999. Throughout her tenure, Michelle has held a variety of roles including leadership of the company’s global marketing department, building and managing the client success department, overseeing sales operations, and early roles in sales and account management. She earned her MBA at Arizona State University where she also serves as an Advisory Board Member for the Center for Services Leadership. Michelle is an avid TED fan and recently organized and hosted TEDxPerryvilleCorrectional, which looked behind the curtain of incarceration to show the potential that exists in giving second chances. TEDxPerryvilleCorrectional was the first TEDx event to be held in an Arizona correctional facility and only the third to be held in a women’s correctional facility. Michelle also dedicates a significant amount of her free time to giving back to her local community by volunteering for the Phoenix Rescue MissionAthena International and the Arouet Foundation.

Demand Gen Report recently recognized Michelle with its B2B Vanguard Award. Part of the B2B Innovator Awards, the Vanguard Award is given to “women who have not only had successful careers in B2B and driven results for their organization, but have also helped to break new ground for women to advance their careers and roles.”

Televerde’s commitment to working with disempowered populations, notably incarcerated women in the United States, has produced remarkable results both for clients and communities over the past 20 years. Nearly 2,500 women have worked for Televerde while they were incarcerated, and the company currently employs 350+ women at five locations in Arizona and Indiana. Almost 30 women who have been released from prison have gone on to earn college degrees while working for Televerde at its corporate headquarters. Most importantly, the recidivism rate for women who have worked for Televerde is less than 5.5 percent, dramatically lower than national averages.

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