Televerde Aligns with Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

Televerde Furthers Commitment to Transform Lives Through Business Opportunities While Fueling the Spread of Conscious Capitalists Worldwide

(February 4, 2019 – Phoenix, AZ) – Televerde, the purpose-driven global sales and marketing solutions provider, today announced that the company has committed to be a Conscious Capitalism company. Conscious Capitalism® Inc. is the nonprofit organization dedicated to elevating humanity through business by partnering with companies that are actively committed to making this possible.

“Televerde is the most powerful example of Conscious Capitalism that I’ve seen in action. It’s what capitalism can aspire to do and be,” said Brian Mohr, president of Conscious Capitalism – Arizona Chapter. “The company is the ultimate example of business being used as a force for good. I’m excited to partner with Televerde at the local Arizona level. There is so much we will be able to accomplish together.”

As a high-tech demand generation company, Televerde’s core competency is accelerating the sales pipeline by combining data intelligence, marketing technology and the human touch. The company aligns closely with Conscious Capitalism’s mission of elevating humanity through business. For more than 20 years, Televerde has created best-in-class solutions through a business model that hires, trains and supports incarcerated women. Built on the belief that discarding people for the rest of their lives based on the worst decision they made on the worst day in their life is a waste of human potential, Televerde is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture across all levels of the organization. Televerde will be a host company at the Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

“Our business model is absolutely critical to providing stellar results for our B2B client base and to being a force for change on issues that impact our communities and society overall,” said Televerde Chief Social Responsibility Officer Michelle Cirocco. “Our alignment with Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is happening at the right time for our company. We are doubling-down on our commitment to amplify our voice on issues such as mass incarceration, recidivism, drug addiction and other problems facing disempowered communities, while also bringing fair chance hiring practices into the global diversity and inclusion conversation. Working with the international community of Conscious Capitalists will help us extend our commitment to a wider, more global audience. We are thrilled to work alongside this remarkable group and look forward to making the world a better place together.”

Televerde’s commitment to working with disempowered populations, notably incarcerated women in the United States, has produced remarkable results for clients and communities over the past 25 years. Approximately 3,000 women have worked for Televerde while they were incarcerated, and the company currently employs 425 women at five contact centers in Arizona Department of Corrections and Indiana Department of Correction. Almost 30 women who have been released from prison have gone on to earn college degrees while working for Televerde at its corporate headquarters. Most importantly, the recidivism rate for women who have worked for Televerde is less than 5.5 percent, dramatically lower than national averages, which range from 50 to 70 percent.

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