Televerde Joins Global Impact Sourcing Coalition

Membership supports the company’s corporate social responsibility mission to change the lives of 10,000 disempowered people over the next decade

(March 4, 2019 – Phoenix, AZ) – Televerde, the purpose-driven global sales and marketing solutions provider, today announced that the company has been approved as a member of the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition (GISC). The GISC is a global network of businesses dedicated to creating a market for inclusive employment by raising awareness of Impact Sourcing. Member organizations, such as Televerde, are committed to Impact Sourcing and demonstrating how inclusive hiring practices leads to greater business growth and social impact.

“The GISC is committed to helping companies practice Impact Sourcing to provide career opportunities in the formal sector to people from disadvantaged or vulnerable backgrounds, who might otherwise not have the opportunity for such employment,” said Sara Enright, Project Director at GISC. “We are excited to learn from Televerde’s decades of experience in offering incarcerated women a second chance at employment, creating both social impact and business results.”

As a high-tech demand generation company, Televerde’s core competency is accelerating the sales pipeline by combining data intelligence, marketing technology and the human touch. The company does this by creating best-in-class solutions through a business model that hires, trains and supports incarcerated women. The company’s social commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture dovetails with GISC’s mission and sets it on a path to transform the lives of 10,000 disempowered people over the next decade.

“We cannot discard people because of the worst mistake they made on the worst day of their lives. This is the philosophy that we have built our business around for more than 20 years, working currently with incarcerated women but extending our impact and reach to more disempowered communities,” said Michelle Cirocco, Televerde’s chief social responsibility officer. “Working as a GISC member means that we can connect with other companies focused on Impact Sourcing to create more jobs for a vast talent pool that is currently being overlooked in many ways. We are committed to diverse and inclusive hiring practices and are excited to join other GISC members to advance the practice.”

Televerde’s commitment to working with disempowered populations, notably incarcerated women in the United States, has produced remarkable results for clients and communities over the past 25 years. Approximately 3,000 women have worked for Televerde while they were incarcerated, and the company currently employs 425 women at five contact centers in Arizona Department of Corrections and Indiana Department of Correction. Almost 30 women who have been released from prison have gone on to earn college degrees while working for Televerde at its corporate headquarters. Most importantly, the recidivism rate for women who have worked for Televerde is less than 5.5 percent, dramatically lower than national averages, which range from 50 to 70 percent.

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