Why David Duncan from a Broadcom Company is a Repeat Customer







MQL to SAL Conversion Rate

How Enhanced CX Helped Broadcom Software Generate Over $56 Million in Sales Pipeline

The Challenge

Two large acquisitions had significant impact throughout Broadcom Software’s operations — specifically, its customer service. Resources were stretched thin, and customers needed better support, especially during the pandemic.

Broadcom Software needed a solution that could help them: Provide a better and consistent customer experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle so no issues or needs go unmet, and maintain a productive pipeline filled with high-quality leads.

The Solution

Televerde came on board to help Broadcom Software in five significant ways:

  • Supported and directed channel sales teams
  • Created alignment between sales development and account executives
  • Qualified inbound leads
  • Implemented a global lead routing process
  • Provided international customer support

The Results

Acting as a true extension of the Broadcom Software team, Televerde agents integrated empathy, customer service, and sales techniques to create lasting customer relationships within the Broadcom Software partner channel.

Working with the right customer support partner can give your business a leg-up on competitors, which is a win for your company and your customers. With more than 28 years of experience, Televerde’s customer experience solutions are scalable, predictable, and repeatable—enabling high-value outcomes.

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Why David Duncan from CA, Inc, a Broadcom Company is a Repeat Customer

Watch a video of David Duncan, Enterprise Software Marketing Leader, reveal why he is a repeat customer. He shares his thoughts on the expertise of Televerde representatives and how the retention and focus of these sales professionals exceeded expectations and delivers ROI.

Overall, Broadcom had a goal of exceeding the needs of global enterprises worldwide. With Televerde, Broadcom expanded their solution portfolio through M&A while keeping customer experience and business continuity as top priorities.

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