A Quick Guide to Remote Selling Best Practices

Everything You Need to Make Remote Selling Work for You

The average sales cycle has increased due to the pandemic as buyers are more cautious with their purchasing decisions. This makes it especially difficult for organizations that have relied on traditional sales tactics like in-person events, trade shows, and face-to-face meetings to generate pipeline and revenue. However, remote selling is quickly becoming the solution to navigate disruption.

We’ll outline remote selling best practices to accelerate sales in your organization and pivot successfully and thrive in this new environment.

Inside you’ll find information like:

  • Why the right outreach methods make a difference.
  • Six solutions to accelerate sales effectively.
  • How to enable your sales team for success.

Why the Right Outreach Methods Make a Difference

People buy from people, not companies, and real connections built on understanding are at the root of closing deals. Organizations that combine Lead Development Representatives (LDRs), Business Development Representatives (BDRs), and Inside Sales Representatives (ISRs) experience higher success rates compared to those that only use one type of agent.

By having a solid nurturing strategy and constantly fostering more robust relationships with key stakeholders, you’ll be adding more sales qualified leads (SQLs) to your pipeline in no time.

These are the Six Solutions to Accelerate Sales Effectively

  • Multichanel and Omnichannel Marketing
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Social Selling
  • Marketing Automation
  • Partner Channel Support

What Can You Do to Enable Your Sales Team for Success?

  • Nowadays, sales teams are expected to do more. The most successful sales teams act as business analytics, diagnosing the needs of their prospects and providing solutions that resonate with their challenges. Consider a sales enablement platform that can continuously reinforce the training your sales team has undergone.
  • Instead of allowing your sales team to spend countless hours searching for the content they need, work on communicating with your marketing team from the beginning about what type of content will help you engage with buyers throughout their journey.
  • Sales and marketing alignment can make or break your revenue goals. In this eBook we’ll talk about three ways you can ensure everyone is on the same page.

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