Your Quick Guide to Account-Based Success

Align ABM and ABS for Better Outcomes

In today’s world, where B2B buyers are more receptive to content that is personalized towards their needs, older tactics like batch-and-blast marketing have become highly ineffective. Organizations recognize that adopting Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a positive and necessary trend.

According to a recent ITSMA study, 76% of marketers that implemented ABM saw a higher ROI than other marketing types.

ABM has been around for a while, yet there are some instances where organizations overlook the steps to properly align their ABM with their Account-Based Selling (ABS) models and processes. Even though Demand Gen Report’s 2021 ABM Benchmark Survey found that 36% of organizations struggled with sales and marketing alignment, 51% saw that the ABM initiatives they had implemented previously made a positive impact and resulted in better sales and marketing alignment.

Once ABM and ABS models and processes are aligned, organizations typically see spikes in internal communication and external engagement.

In this eBook, we’ll explore what it takes to achieve account-based success:

  • Three crucial roles for account-based success
  • How to identify and close potential gaps across shared account-based strategies
  • Why you should evaluate your tech stack and processes

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