Global Sales Boost: Televerde Delivers More Than $4 Million in YoY Pipeline for a Leading FinTech Company

A leading financial technology company partnered with Televerde to enhance its sales and marketing capabilities, with the project centered around deploying a skilled team of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) with a deep understanding of financial services. To assist with this, Televerde seamlessly integrated with the company’s existing Marketo instance for marketing automation. Furthermore, the partnership focused on implementing a web chat solution to actively engage website visitors, ensuring that each interaction with prospects was optimized for the best possible outcome. An ambitious international expansion was also part of the strategy, leveraging agents with a deep understanding of the business culture in 18 different countries across all global regions. This comprehensive approach was aimed at improving the company’s reach and effectiveness in engaging with potential clients worldwide.

The results of this strategic partnership were significant, showcasing a substantial impact on the company’s sales pipeline and overall deal closure rates. The company reported over $4.7 million in year-over-year pipeline growth and more than $245,000 in closed deals. The Sales Accepted Lead (SAL) conversion rate reached an impressive 45%, reflecting the high quality of leads generated and effectively processed through the sales funnel. Ron Barasch, the Vice President of Marketing and Demand Generation, praised Televerde, saying “Televerde has given us the people and support and technology to deliver on our responsibility to our sales team, as well as improve the quality of the leads going through our system.”  

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