Monarch Medical Technologies Increases NPS Through Inside Sales


increased retention rates

increased Net Promoter Score

reduced renewal collection time

The Client

Monarch Medical Technologies is the leading provider of Clinical Decision Support for Glycemic Management. Their innovative Glucose Management System ensures that insulin dosing is individualized and responsive to ongoing changes in each patient’s unique physiological response. Specifically, it allows hospitals and care providers to dose insulin safely by replacing antiquated and dangerous linear, point-to-point, or sliding scale formulas.

The Challenge

Focused on the coveted Triple Aim of better health, better care, and lower cost as a lean software business, Monarch Medical Technologies was faced with limited resources to engage with customers for routine health checks and to communicate throughout the year to ensure better renewals.

The Solution

To fill the gaps in communication, Monarch Medical Technologies utilized Televerde’s Inside Sales solution to conduct intelligent and relevant account interactions for Monarch’s customer engagement program.

With a background in healthcare and technology and strong industry experience, the Televerde Inside Sales Representatives (ISRs) easily connected with customers and uncovered the end user’s experience. This allowed for strong engagement while identifying opportunities to expand Monarch’s offerings into other areas of the hospital.

The Results

Monarch customers built a great relationship with the Televerde team and from that interaction, Monarch was able to identify customers who needed attention, but were quietly going unnoticed.

In addition, Monarch also achieved increased retention rates, increased net promoter scores, and substantially reduced their renewal collection time.

Televerde enabled us to demonstrate that we’re committed to each customer receiving routine attention and communication. We were able to identify at-risk accounts, customer advocates, and upsell opportunities.

Kristen Paulet, Director of Marketing Monarch Medical Technologies

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