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Securus Technologies, a subsidiary of Aventiv Technologies, is a leading technology provider in corrections that creates access to technologies that keep loved ones connected as well as tools and resources that help prepare the incarcerated for successful re-entry back into society. As the largest communications provider for the incarcerated community, Aventiv helps loved ones maintain and foster relationships through communication tools such as easy-to-use calling options, video sessions and e-messaging. The organization also works with universities, advocates and other like-minded groups to provide access to free education programs and re-entry resources, including the opportunity for the incarcerated to earn a college degree. Securus is headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, and serves more than 3,400 public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies and over 1.2 million incarcerated individuals across North America.

The Challenge

Located outside of Dallas — one of the most populated call center employment locations in the country — Securus faced an unprecedented level of attrition rates, soaring past 100% year over year. These turnover rates cost the business a significant premium to keep their contact center staffed, trained and accountable to support demand. High attrition rates posed economic and quality-related headwinds.

Securus struggled to keep top talent long-term and found an overall lack of empathy as team members handled customer calls. Empathy is a vital attribute for anyone working in the corrections industry. Additionally, the company encountered challenges in fully deploying a work-from-home model for its contact center team to continue support during the COVID-19 pandemic. This further exacerbated the negative impacts they faced.

…When you can provide an economically viable, top notch service and wrap it in a purpose as relevant as Televerde’s, you have a company that’s a league of their own.

Joanna Acocella, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Aventiv Technologies, parent company of Securus Technologies

The Selection Criteria

It was important for Securus to partner with a likeminded company that was committed to improving the community. Foundationally, they needed a partner that demonstrated strong capability with market-leading technologies, impressive customer service outcomes, and
a true understanding of their client base. With Televerde’s history of employing formerly and currently incarcerated women, it was a strategic pairing.

During a tour of the Televerde engagement centers, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Joanna Acocella, was able to experience the Televerde program in action. She shared her experience with Securus leadership. Impressed by the talent, technology, and industry expertise, Securus entered into a partnership with Televerde.

“Televerde’s team did an amazing job in every aspect of our due-diligence, but virtually touring their facility and meeting the women in their program solidified our decision to work with them. Additionally, we believe in the program. While incarcerated, participants build confidence, develop marketable business and technology skills, and go on to receive employment offers once released. Televerde graduates have a 91 percent lower recidivism rate than the national average. For us, partnering with Televerde was a no-brainer. When you can provide an economically viable, top notch service and wrap it in a purpose as relevant as Televerde’s, you have a company that’s in a league of their own.”

Joanna Acocella, VP of Corporate Affairs

The Solution

Televerde came on board to help Securus stabilize its contact center, improve resource coverage, and raise service levels, all with the goal of reducing overall operations costs. Applying a deep understanding of the constraints and nuances associated with the customer service industry, the agents dove into this opportunity.

Leaning into the integration challenges alongside the Securus team, Televerde professionals began to foster a collaborative culture that blurred the lines of who was wearing what badge, quickly deploying Securus’ services to production.

Televerde and Securus jointly innovated by agreeing to deploy StellaConnect, which provides consumers with an opportunity to provide feedback about their agent interactions. This capability created unanticipated value for the Televerde team, while also amplifying the voice of Aventiv’s consumers in a never-before-seen way.

Not long after the program went live, Televede’s Indiana facility was quarantined due to a COVID outbreak. With contingency plans in place, Televerde’s Chief Operations Officer (COO) contacted Securus’ project manager. Before the project manager could even react, Televerde’s COO began to explain the business continuity plans in place to ensure Securus’ operations would be back up and running. This entailed training 45 new service professionals and making technology changes to route high volumes of calls without a lull in support. In less than one week, the Televerde team was able to re-establish operations, and while they hustled 24/7 to make that happen, the Aventiv team leaned in with overtime, nights, and weekends to ensure consumer service was not impacted.

The Results

The partnership has generated impressive results since the inception of the program, despite pivots being made for COVID. Service levels have improved for consumers, while overall cost has dropped. The customer experience has improved, specifically due to the empathetic interactions between customers and agents.

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Broaden your aperture and think bigger! You can absolutely combine world-class outsourcing services and the expected economic outcomes by engaging non-traditional customer service programs. Not only will your customer service experience improve, but you can transform your business practices for social good while changing lives.

Dave Abel, CEO of Aventiv Technologies, parent company of Securus Technologies

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