Thermbond Generates 115 Leads in 5 Months with SDRs



Generated leads in first 5 months


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The Client

Thermbond Refractory Solutions (also known as Stellar Materials Inc.) is a family founded and fostered company that manufactures and supplies innovative refractory products to industries ranging from aluminum and petrochemical to steel and waste incineration. Their cutting-edge solutions are a result of creative, dedicated, and customer-oriented employees.

The Challenge

Tom Atkins, SVP of Sales, and his team recognized some areas in need of improvement within their sales and marketing strategy. After assessment, they knew that to acquire net new business, the first step was to reestablish and understand their total addressable market (TAM). Also, the Account Executives (AEs) attempted to focus solely on selling, but to do so, they needed additional support with lead generation and nurture programs.

Although they easily closed business within their existing customer base, generating highly qualified leads was a huge challenge. Lack of time and skill was an issue for lead generation and lead nurturing activities. Net new business opportunities were not being generated at acceptable levels. In their effort to find and resolve the problem, Thermbond was open to an outsourced demand generation option.

This brought an unfamiliar process to the table and Thermbond was determined to find a trusted vendor that offered a strategic partnership with the capabilities to alleviate their limitations.

The Solution

Thermbond began their journey with Televerde in 2018 and implemented a 1:2 ratio for a Lead Development Rep (LDR) to Sales Development Reps (SDRs) focused on North America. From the beginning of the program, AEs and SDRs developed a strong foundation built on trust and knowledge. The SDRs jumped right in and diligently worked with their AEs to define target accounts. Thermbond’s AEs were confident that their SDRs would speak the language of the manufacturing industry and utilize prospecting processes similar to Thermbond’s. Thermbond SDRs proved them right and delivered 115 leads within the first five months of the program. Leads continued to roll in, and the AEs immediately turned them into opportunities. The SDRs lightened a heavy load for the AEs, who could now focus on their main priority: winning new business.

The Results

Thermbond’s net new business accelerated immediately due to the accomplishments within the first five months. The program yielded excellent conversion rates with pipeline and closed won revenue continuously rising. To date, the Thermbond SDR team has generated 218 MQLs resulting in dozens of pipeline opportunities and, just as important, long term customer relationships at accounts where they never existed.

Advancing along the path of rapid growth, Thermbond plans to expand their demand generation efforts by adding more resources at Televerde’s Latin America and European contact centers to reach their TAM while continuing to foster U.S. opportunities.

Our experience with Televerde has gone beyond our expectations. The quality of leads that have been generated and the continual support in further cultivating the new relationships has generated enthusiasm in our sales team that traditional lead generation never has. Not only are we getting rapid sales payback, we are also getting new customer relationships that will generate sales for years and years. Working with our Televerde team has been a pleasure and an inspiration.

-Tom Atkins, Senior VP of Sales at Thermbond

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