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Implemented a systematic approach to social selling

I first learned about Televerde through our new Vice President of Sales, Andy Wild. He was very impressed with the company during his time at Planet Labs. At the time, I managed our internal team of four lead development representatives (LDRs) who were delivering $10M annually, so I had some expertise in this space. I had never heard of Televerde, a B2B sales and marketing company known for accelerating sales pipeline and revenue for their clients – most notably through four out of nine engagement centers operated inside correctional facilities.

From Doubtful to Awestruck

I was asked to lead the Televerde/Vertica relationship with the understanding that this new partner was expected to deliver a significant increase in pipeline for the new fiscal year. At the time, I didn’t understand how this unusual business model would prove to be an advantage. I didn’t believe these agents would successfully gain traction selling on social platforms from behind prison walls. It’s obvious that I had a doubtful mindset going in.

Thankfully, those feelings didn’t last long.

My initial interaction with the Televerde team was an over-the-phone training. Right away, their ability to learn the product inside and out was top-notch. In our first Q & A session, which we now do bi-weekly, they asked questions that showed deep insight into the market and into our product. This was my first lightbulb moment. That meeting opened my eyes, but the catalyst was what came next: my first visit to the engagement center located in Perryville Prison. The experience was life changing. I didn’t expect it to be so emotional.

After seeing how my Televerde agents made the most out of a bad situation, and did so with such professionalism, I wouldn’t hesitate to hire any of the women on my team as soon as they’re eligible.”

— Televerde customer, Sid Reeves at Vertica

The Power of Relationship Building

Before Televerde, it was difficult to gain any traction in target accounts or maintain strong working relationships between our field team and our LDR team. Once Televerde came on board, our field team outlook on alignment completely transformed. Our Televerde agents are great at engaging with them and laying out a plan that proves out their value. I used to deal with countless calls from field sales reps each week complaining, “I haven’t heard from my LDR in three weeks.” Now, the number of calls that I get has gone away entirely because of their ability to deliver.

This ability is evident in the lead quality. In our world of sales we judge opportunities on their ability to convert. Our Televerde agents deliver above and beyond what we ask for. The leads that come through are excellent and detailed. When our sales reps receive a new opportunity, they’re excited about it because they know it’s likely to convert.

I’ve sat side-by-side with many of our Televerde agents to listen in on calls and talk through issues. Our solution helps organizations enhance their data management and analytics in real time for better business planning, with the capability to deploy anywhere and deliver big data analytics like no other. Our Televerde agents communicate this to our prospects effortlessly. They have made 50K phone calls over the last four months. From a brand awareness standpoint, this is huge. Because of the extensive training Televerde provides their agents, If I was tasked with drumming up new business in a sales territory in a future role, I would choose the Televerde team immediately.

More Than Just Cold-Calling

Outbound calling isn’t the only way Televerde increases our traction. Social selling, a key component to our outreach practice, is an area our agents leverage to further increase brand awareness and build pipeline. A skill still being refined in the industry, not many people do social selling well. It’s trickier than just connecting with people on LinkedIn and sending them an InMail. Think about it: how many emails have you received from someone you just connected with, and all they do is pitch their solution? It’s important for outreach to be a mutual sharing of value. Through a defined process, this is where Televerde shines.

Televerde takes a systematic approach to social selling and this structure gives them the ability to map out a social strategy that leads to opportunities in our target accounts. I tell all our internal sales reps that if they need help gaining traction through social selling, they should consult with their Televerde reps as they have a strong level of expertise in this key area.

Results Speak Louder Than Words

Because of Televerde’s ability to quickly deliver pipeline we were able to make our aggressive growth goals a reality. Personally, I’ve experienced a 180° mindset shift. We’re up to 100 new opportunities and an 80% pipeline increase over the last four months –and that includes ramp and onboard time- valued at $8M in pipeline. We’ve already expanded the headcount of our Televerde team with plans to increase our investment in the future. Televerde’s results speak volumes and I’m excited to see what’s to come.

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