Intent Data: the Key to Revenue Growth?

As you read these words, your prospects are browsing the internet searching for solutions to ease their pain points. If only you had a way to jump through the screen, shake them, and scream, “Here I am!!!” … ”ALLOW ME TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS!

Unfortunately, that sort of technology most definitely has not arrived.

In the meantime, intent data can give you insight into who is in the market, with visibility into exactly which organizations are currently rummaging through search results on the hunt for solutions like yours.

A more targeted approach

Though the technology has been around for several years, only 25% of B2B companies currently utilize intent data. As early adopters, Televerde falls into this 25%. We’re always seeking new ways to provide a competitive edge for ourselves and our clients, so we decided to add intent data to our marketing mix.

After just a few months of using intent data, we’ve already seen results and are convinced of the technology’s power when used as part of an omnichannel marketing approach.

Perhaps you’re just not the ‘early adopter’ type. The fact is, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity.

What is intent data, really?

Research shows that before making a purchase, 89% of buyers do online research to support a decision. As potential buyers begin to research a new solution, their ‘digital footprint’ around the topic will grow as visits to websites and related activities accumulate. Intent data allows you to see and analyze that footprint and use it to your advantage.

By using intent data, you’ll have the capability to reach prospects earlier in the buyer’s journey, allowing more time to educate and guide them toward your solution, before your competitors even know they’re interested.

Intent data offers insight into a range of prospect internet activity, including:

  • Downloads
  • Website visits
  • Product reviews
  • Time on websites related to industry topics
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Infographic views
  • Topic-specific content consumption spikes

Why it works

Let’s dive deeper into the ways that third-party intent data can provide a competitive edge:

  • Identify potential customers

The most significant impact of intent data is that it gives you a head-start on potential customers before anyone else has a chance to reach them.

  • Prioritize leads

You probably have a ton of prospects researching topics related to your product on different websites which still haven’t hit your lead threshold. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be reaching out. Intent data covers all your bases, so you don’t miss out on hot prospects.

  • Develop advertising, outbound, & email campaigns

Cater your outbound campaigns to what your prospects want by knowing what topics are surging with your target audience on a weekly cadence.

  • Personalize the website experience for your visitors

By knowing what they are interested in, you can use your website as a means to serve up content that incentivizes your targets to take a specific action. Up until this point, they’re anonymous. With personalization, you can encourage visitors to take the mask off by filling out a form

  • Identify your target’s pain points earlier in the buying cycle

There are a ton of prospects seeking answers to a problem you can solve—they just haven’t reached your sales team yet. Intercept buyers in this critical gray area.

  • Develop content your prospects want

By knowing which topics are surging, you can align the content you develop to reflect what your prospect is interested in right now.

  • Nurture known leads

With intent data, you combine your prospect’s position at the company with the topics they’re interested in, increasing the chances that you’re delivering personalized and relevant content to leads.

But wait, there’s more!

We get it. Once you learn about intent and all the amazing insights it can give you, it’s hard to imagine a successful strategy without it. But where to start? As early adopters of this cutting-edge technology, Televerde uses intent data to inform our strategies for both ourselves and our clients.

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