Is your business ready for the “Great Resignation?”


Anthony Klotz, a Texas A&M University associate management professor, recently coined the phrase “great resignation” during an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek. Anthony predicted that people who decided not to resign from their jobs over the last 18 months because of the uncertainty of the pandemic are getting ready to quit their jobs now that things are stabilizing. On top of that, traditional remote workers — meaning those who worked remotely before the pandemic — are now in a position to find far more opportunities with companies that are willing to embrace virtual office life. So what does this mean? It means companies can expect that 30% of their workforce may resign soon. Yikes.

Here’s the data:

If you find yourself impacted by the “Great Resignation,” Televerde is here to help. Our socially responsible workforce model creates stability with long-tenured agents and just 15% attrition last year (12% of that was planned for in advance due to releases and promotions). We’re able to ramp quickly and staff large teams of experienced agents who have honed their craft and built their expertise. Contact us today to see how we can help transform your call center into a revenue-generating engagement center.



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