Our Company Would Be a Lonely Place if the Women Didn’t Show

At our corporate headquarters in Phoenix, AZ, I work with five other women.  If we all took today off, we would have our CMO and six other men at their desks.  In the departments I work closely with, Sales and Client Success, two thirds of Sales and nearly all of Client Success are women, including the department leader.  If they took today off, our valued clients would quickly get to know the three men on our Client Success team.

Within our Finance department, half of the group is women.  The entire HR department, excluding one lone male is women.  In IT, a traditionally male dominated department, a whopping 60% of the employees are women, including the department leader.  If these smart, capable women took today off, the core functions of the company would be in chaos.

Across the Atlantic, in our Glasgow office, a full 60% of our employees are women.  If these intelligent and talented women took today off, Televerde could only support half of the languages on our roster.

And in our contact centers, inside correctional facilities in Arizona and Indiana, as well as Glasgow and Córdoba, women do the work that is the backbone of our business.  These skillful, smart and incredible women work every day to nurture prospects and grow our clients’ business.  If these women were to take today off, our clients wouldn’t get a lead, a prospect or an opportunity.  In fact, if all of the women that work at Televerde didn’t come to work, the company would come to a standstill.

Working at Televerde is fascinating, memorable, life-changing, hilarious, intriguing, and always a learning experience.  Without the women, without THESE women, this company might just be another sales and marketing outsourced company.  Instead, these women contribute immensely to the strength, perseverance, humor, and overall culture of Televerde, and the vibrancy of the communities we touch.  Today, we celebrate all our female employees and all the women across the world.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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