August 10, 2015 | Blog,Uncategorized

In an age where it is easier than ever to stay connected, marketing and sales teams are still finding it challenging to achieve alignment. Lack of communication has led to a gap felt by both sides, and ultimately is impacting the customer. While each department may have different daily roles, their end goals are the same…to increase B2B demand generation and sales.

Research has shown that sales and marketing alignment not only reduces friction in the workplace, but yields better results for the client. The main component of alignment is open communication.

This allows the two teams to work as one and have a common understanding of goals, definitions, and processes. Aside from this, sales enablement services are a powerful tool in the journey to achieving alignment. These services empower each department with the information they need to successfully perform their jobs. They allow the teams to work together to provide the best possible results for their clients.

Are you looking to achieve successful B2B demand generation and align your teams? Check out our infographic for the why, what and how of sales and marketing alignment to get started!

Have you had success in aligning your marketing and sales teams? Give us your tips on how to open the lines of communication by commenting below or tweeting us @televerde. For more information on sales & marketing alignment solutions, get in touch with one of our experts today.


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