Martech Interview with Deanna Ransom

Martech Interview with Head of Global Marketing & Marketing Services, Televerde – Deanna Ransom

Deanna Ransom from Televerde talks about the rising significance of data in the sales tech & Martech industry for optimized marketing campaigns & customer engagement

“The experience and content drives the lasting impression and emotional connection which is key to building trust and continued engagement.”


1. Tell us about your role at Televerde.

I’m the Head of Global Marketing and Marketing Services at Televerde. My role is a triple reward in that I get to:

• Evolve and share our brand products and services;
• Enable omni-channel human touch integrated marketing and sales to power the brands of our clients while generating insights, pipeline and revenue for them; and
• Partner across the leadership team and the entire company to ensure marketing is generating revenue while also supporting Televerde’s purpose to help transform 10,000 lives over the next decade.
The short version is, to me, it’s an honor, a challenge and a source of great joy to run marketing at Televerde.

2. Can you tell us about your journey into this market?

My journey to Televerde is an interesting one. I’ve been in technology for more than 25 years starting in ERP software sales at QAD. From there, I moved onto Information Builders where I made the transition from sales to marketing. From Information Builders, I moved on to a couple of start-up technology companies and then landed at Business Objects which was acquired by SAP. It was at SAP where I first connected with Televerde. The consistent results Televerde delivered in terms of quality leads, engagement and revenue was impressive. I was also amazed how dedicated the Televerde team to ensure that I hit my business goals. When you couple that with the company’s transformative business model, I became a big fan. As I continued to move my career forward, I brought the Televerde relationship with me to both logistics software provider Transporeon and to Clarivate Analytics where I oversaw global demand. In total, I spent 11 years as a consistently impressed Televerde customer.

Now, as Televerde has evolved into a tech-driven, human leveraged provider serving the end-to-end needs of marketing and sales, it’s fitting that I get to start the next chapter of my career at Televerde. I now get to help Televerde reach its business and growth goals while powering conscious capitalism and supporting second chance hiring.

3. How do you think technology is updating the marketing sector?

Technology has upgraded the business value, measure and scalability of Marketing. Smart marketers and marketing leaders leverage technology and data for engagement, experiences, competitive advantage and so much more. Marketing is more effective if you can see the numbers that support the data and technology provides a clear picture of those numbers.

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