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Leaders from Avasant, Vee Healthtek, and Televerde to be Honored for Their Pioneering Contributions to Global Business and Social Impact

Windermere, FL, May 1, 2024 – IAOP is proud to announce the induction of three distinguished leaders into its prestigious Leadership Hall of Fame for 2024. This year’s inductees are Kevin Parikh, Chocko Valliappa, and Michelle Cirocco, each recognized for their significant contributions to the global business services industry and their dedication to promoting social responsibility through business.

  • Kevin Parikh, Chairman & CEO of Avasant, has redefined the tech consultancy landscape by spearheading initiatives promoting digital equity and economic inclusion across developing nations. His strategic insights have facilitated multi-billion dollar technology deals that enhance corporate efficiency and foster global digital transformation, making him a key player in shaping the future of international business and technology policy.
  • Chocko Valliappa, founder, CEO, and Managing Director of Vee Healthtek Inc. and Vee Technologies Incorporated, stands out as a leader who has transformed the landscape of outsourcing in healthcare and IT services. His leadership has led to pioneering advancements in AI applications in healthcare, significantly improving patient outcomes and operational efficiencies on a global scale. His initiatives have also played a crucial role in bolstering India’s position as a technological education and innovation leader.
  • Michelle Cirocco, Televerde’s Chief Social Responsibility Officer and Executive Director of the Televerde Foundation, is renowned for her transformative approach to integrating business with social justice. Her work has directly contributed to reshaping corporate strategies towards inclusive employment, particularly through initiatives that provide career opportunities to incarcerated women. Michelle’s leadership in these programs has changed lives and proven the economic value of social equity in business models, setting a new standard for corporate responsibility.

Kevin Parikh, a transformative leader at Avasant in the management consulting industry, manages over $28 billion annually in technology deals. As a best-selling author and sought-after speaker, he has propelled significant advancements in digital transformation and global business strategies. Through his leadership at the Avasant Foundation, Kevin champions initiatives that empower youth and women in emerging economies, focusing on technology-driven educational programs. His efforts extend beyond traditional business goals, emphasizing sustainability and ethical practices that blend commercial success with profound societal impact. This holistic approach has been pivotal in setting new standards for leveraging business leadership to foster global development.

“I am immensely grateful and humbled to receive this prestigious honor from IAOP’s Leadership Hall of Fame. It is a testament to the collective efforts and shared vision of those who have supported and inspired me throughout my journey. This recognition reaffirms my commitment to fostering innovation, driving positive change, and championing societal impact. I am honored to join the ranks of esteemed inductees and pledge to continue striving for excellence in business and serving our global community.” – Kevin Parikh

Chocko Valliappa has been instrumental in redefining IT and healthcare outsourcing services with his visionary approach to business and technology. Under his leadership, Vee Healthtek and Vee Technologies (Vee Healthtek is formerly the healthcare professional services of Vee Technologies) have set industry benchmarks for excellence, driving innovation and growth on a global scale. In South India, Chocko has transformed technical education, integrating advanced technologies and sustainable practices that extend beyond academia into the wider community. His dedication to social good is evident in his philanthropic endeavors, significantly enhancing healthcare, education, and economic opportunities for underprivileged communities. A respected voice in the global tech community, Chocko’s insights at international conferences continually push the envelope on how technology can be harnessed to improve societal outcomes.

“Throughout my years of work, two pillars have remained steadfast: an unyielding commitment to excellence and a fervent drive to enhance the lives of others. This recognition not only reaffirms my passion for delivering top-tier outsourcing solutions but also underscores our team’s profound impact. It’s a humbling privilege to be inducted into the Leadership Hall of Fame, and I eagerly anticipate continuing our pursuit of excellence in collaboration with IAOP for years to come.” – Chocko Valliappa

Michelle Cirocco has redefined the role of corporate responsibility within the outsourcing industry through her advocacy for justice reform and second chances. Her leadership has advanced Televerde’s position and highlighted the transformative power of integrating social values into business models. Michelle’s innovative approaches to social enterprise have proven that economic success can accompany meaningful societal contributions, particularly through her championing of women’s empowerment and career development programs for marginalized communities. Her strategic initiatives have transformed lives and set new global benchmarks for ethical and inclusive business practices.

“I am deeply honored to be inducted into the IAOP Leadership Hall of Fame. This recognition reflects the collective effort and innovation of our dedicated teams at Televerde and Televerde Foundation. As we continue to set benchmarks in the outsourcing industry, this accolade reinforces our dedication to excellence and driving positive social impact through business. I am excited to join the ranks of distinguished inductees who have similarly inspired transformative changes in both business and society. Thank you to the IAOP and its members for this incredible honor.” – Michelle Cirocco

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