Micro Focus: Why Maintaining Momentum is Mission-Critical

Building pipeline and driving revenue are always essential – and taking the right actions to drive business continuity and growth has never been more important.

Our customer, Micro Focus, decided to go all-in by expanding their sales and marketing partnership across their organization, but it all started with one division of Micro Focus – Micro Focus Vertica.

We sat down with two of our agents on the Micro Focus Vertica campaign – Jada and Veronica – for a quick Q&A to learn more about their secrets to success.

Question: What do you think makes our partnership with Micro Focus Vertica so successful?

Jada: The Micro Focus team gives us the confidence that helps us continue staying strong and moving forward – even during the most difficult of circumstances. Rainey, one of my teammates, said it best, “Our passion for the campaign and our appreciation for Sid Reeves, He believes in us, strategically collaborates with us, and is always there to make sure we feel valued and appreciated.”

Veronica: When you have leaders like Sid Reeves, the champion and stakeholder for the Televerde partnership, you want to exceed expectations. For example, he helps us understand the market, provides tips and tricks for success, and gives us confidence! He exemplifies the word ‘teamwork’ — which keeps us motivated to put our best foot forward despite the bumps and challenges that may come our way.

Question: What are some success tips and tricks you can give your peers?

Jada: It’s so important to always be curious, ask lots of questions, and show that you truly care about what’s going on in the lives of the people you’re speaking with. When researching prospects, taking the time to dig into the company’s current events and what the prospect is doing is a great way to show that you’re engaged and interested in helping. It’s all about being empathetic, personable, and genuine.

Veronica: Take the time to research your top accounts, build account maps, and dig for the decision makers and influencers. Mine the data in your CRM to see who has shown interest. (What is it that companies or prospects are responding to in the marketing nurture stream? How high is the lead score and how can you leverage that into your outbound efforts to engage with the right buyers?). If you’re starting from scratch, find ways to make companies interested in your service or solution. I call this ‘planting seeds,’ or in the words of one of my account executives, “Ring as many doorbells as you can!” Lastly, be kind and considerate when you finally interact with someone. People will remember how you made them feel, and as we all know – people buy from people they like and trust.

Question: What’s something you want our audience to know about you?

Jada: It can be difficult for women like me to see past their mistakes and accept that they are worthy of success. I came to Televerde with a belief that I was running on luck and was afraid of not being good enough, and the most important lesson that I have learned is that I am capable of anything.

Veronica: I am proud to be a part of the Televerde team! I am constantly inspired by our workforce because I’ve seen firsthand how our company’s model invests in human potential.  I will do whatever it takes to overcome any obstacles that prevent me from the being the best version of myself. I always think of the great Stephen Hawking quote: “Be brave, be determined, overcome the odds. It can be done.”

Question: What are some of your goals for the future?

Jada: Above all else, my goal is to be happy. My three main ‘work-related’ goals are: To open that door of opportunity for the women who come behind me, to show the world through my success that people who have felonies tend to be an overlooked workforce who are often willing to go above and beyond just for the sake of feeling accomplished, and to keep growing into someone who I never thought I would be capable of becoming – both personally and professionally.

Veronica: I would like to get a Master’s degree in Sociology, learn how to write code, and even complete a Tough Mudder obstacle course. But my most important goal is to always keep learning! I would like to use my knowledge and experience to help others (especially youth) in need and show the critics that human potential is real – and that no one is ever truly a lost cause.

Here at Televerde, we love seeing our customers succeed! But the most rewarding aspect of our business model is the fact that our clients’ success is directly tied to a better future for the women and families of Televerde.

Delivering results for our clients while helping women realize their full potential is exactly what Televerde is all about.

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