[Podcast] Why LinkedIn + Intent Data = Revenue

Did you know that research studies show that approximately 72-76% of buyer journeys happen before the buyer ever visits your website?

In this podcast, Xavier Major, Demand Generation Supervisor and Chad Koskie, Product Marketing Manager at Televerde dive into the topic of intent data and how it empowers your team to join the conversation with potential customers sooner. As Chad said it best, “Content is king, but intent is the power behind the throne.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • What intent data really is and a breakdown of the difference between first- and third-party intent data.
  • How Televerde uses intent data to drive more highly-qualified leads from LinkedIn.
  • Get insights on how to implement intent data on an operational level with marketing and sales through the use of automation tools and CRM integration.
  • The methods behind creating hyper-personalized content, as Xavier & Chad discuss how consumer brands such as Netflix and Spotify have keyed in on a personalized content strategy that their customers have grown to expect.

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