Top Social Selling Companies Focus on Customer Experience

Recently, I traveled to San Diego with some of my team for the LinkedIn Sales Solution Roadshow. Under normal circumstances, a trip to San Diego is a treat in-and-of-itself. It was even better this time because we were participating in an event we really believe in and talking about something that matters to us a lot: the customer experience. Specifically, using social channels and outreach to create a better customer experience.

We participated in the Sales Solution Roadshow with a “fireside chat”, alongside Vidya Subramanian, Director of Marketing for LinkedIn, in which we talked about the structure, processes and metrics of Televerde’s social selling strategy. Although our social selling strategy is not a one-size-fits-all program, it focuses on creating a great user experience for our prospects and existing customers. The LinkedIn roadshow focused on the same thing.

The keynote speaker shared insights about how sales and marketing alignment has done great work toward giving us the ability to measure our efforts, but that doesn’t matter if the customer experience is not meaningful or is damaged in the process. LinkedIn made the point that the customer experience is not a marketing funnel or a sales pipeline – it’s a journey to take together. Brilliant!

Televerde has always operated on the idea that identifying potential customers and moving through the process of engaging with them is relationship-based, not just interaction-based. When asked, during the fireside chat, how we came to the decision to create a more ‘modern’ selling environment, the answer was simple: In our business, it’s always about how to find, connect and build relationships with people. To be able to keep up with the market, we always have to innovate with the market. That doesn’t necessarily mean creating a more ‘modern’ selling program – it means evolving our outreach to ensure we are communicating with people when, where and how they want to be communicated with. Using tools like LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator helps us connect with the right people in meaningful ways.

The day was about experiences and ours was fantastic. Making sure we create a strong customer experience for our clients is a top priority for us and we’ve designed to our social selling strategy to help us achieve that priority. We’re really interested in what others think about social selling, particularly how you “personalize” the process.

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