TEDxPerryville Correctional Experience: Brains, Beauty, Business, Beyond

TEDxPerryville Correctional Experience; Behind the Curtain: Brains, Beauty, Business & Beyond

In April of 2018, many members of Televerde participated in building and delivering a one-of-a-kind TEDx experience built around the theme: Behind the Curtain: Brains, Beauty, Business & Beyond. The goal of the event, much like the business of Televerde, challenged people to truly look behind the curtain, to set aside preconceived notions and stereotypes, and to see people, places and problems through a completely different lens.

As a purpose-driven company specializing in accelerating the sales pipeline and generating demand for companies around the world, Televerde provides education, job training and opportunity for women while they are incarcerated and after release.

We invite you to watch the talks these amazing women in orange gave during the TEDx conference. It is because of their courage and willingness to share their personal, moving, and inspiring journeys of transformation that TEDxPerryville Correctional will be remembered and celebrated for years to come.

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Prior to Dominique Goodmond’s incarceration people would label her as smart, talented and determined. Driven and ambitious, she moved to Arizona to obtain another degree that would enable her to accomplish her goal of becoming a professor at HBCU College. After an accident that derailed her path, she ended up incarcerated. Immediately, the labels others placed on her changed into liar, manipulator, and criminal. Dominique tried screaming to the world that she was so much more, but no one could see beyond her orange outfit. She understood why others felt this way, having carried with her the same preconceived notions when entering Perryville. Having gone through this experience she’s now enlightened with the education, talent and worth of the women within these walls.

Co-dependent from a young age, Erica Munoz stumbled into a life of abuse, promiscuity and hardship. Seeking the love she never had from her parents, she yearned for a relationship to heal her broken past. A mother of three beautiful boys, she fought to succeed and keep her head above water in a world against her. Suffering through a lifetime of abuse-sexual, physical and emotional, Erica felt isolated from society, living a life she dreamed to escape. With no one willing to listen, to truly understand, she stayed. The abuse, a constant dark cloud, consumed her life until it became a storm that she could no longer run from. In the end she failed herself, her children and went down a dark path leading to her incarceration. Driven to leave Perryville as the best version of herself, she leaned on her faith and changed her life.

Valerie Ochoa entered Perryville with no prior business acumen and zero experience in the sales and marketing industry. She never imagined the future ahead of her included being a successful sales leader from behind bars. It was at Televerde that she discovered her natural ability to sell.  Valerie describes the pros of utilizing a correctional workforce and the potential she recognized in herself because of this opportunity. “Not only do I believe in myself, but I know that anything is possible and there are no limits on what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it.”

Incarcerated since the age of 22, Christy S. did not let that deter her from being the best mother she could be, from the inside out. Missing some of life’s most important moments were never easy. Instead of letting her situation envelop her, she decided she would stay strong for her children by living a productive life behind bars. This included getting her G.E.D., working a steady job for more than 10 years to be able to financially support her three children and being a mentor for women struggling with a similar predicament.

Yasiman Esmaeili shares how she unknowingly created her own misery and depression for years. Once incarcerated, she invested the time to figure out why she acted and thought the way she did. As it turns out, spending time in prison has been pivotal to her personal growth and self-discovery. It is in prison that she’s learned the power that her thoughts carry. It is in prison that she’s changed her old ways of thinking.

Sheena Knox gives up a glimpse inside the country’s forgotten communities. Her powerful storytelling gives us insight into her misfortunes but leaves us with seeds of hope and a call to action for our inner cities. Sheena is not merely interested or concerned with community building; this is her passion. She calls this her life’s purpose and she will continue to be the fierce advocate for community building.

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