Televerde’s Stance Against Human Trafficking

A Commitment to Ethical Practices and Human Dignity

At Televerde, we are unequivocally committed to the respect and dignity of all individuals. We stand firmly against all forms of human trafficking and exploitation. These practices are not only a violation of human rights but also undermine the values we hold dear as a company.

We believe in the power of employment to transform lives and communities. Our mission is to provide opportunities for individuals who have been marginalized, including those who have been incarcerated. We are proud of our work in this area, but we also recognize the importance of ensuring that our
practices are ethical, fair, and just.

We have stringent policies and procedures in place to ensure that our operations do not contribute to human trafficking in any way. We conduct regular audits and reviews to ensure compliance with these policies.

We are committed to working with our partners, suppliers, and customers to combat human trafficking. We expect them to uphold the same high standards that we do, and we will not tolerate any form of exploitation in our supply chain.

In short, Televerde stands against human trafficking. We are committed to doing our part to end this horrific practice and to promoting respect, dignity, and opportunity for all.