Wednesday, June 12, 2024

9:00AM PST / 12:00PM EST


Join us for an enlightening 45-minute webinar, “Delivering a Better CX” hosted by Brian Moran, influencer and featuring guest expert Ashley McDonald, Televerde’s director of CX and revenue operations. This session is designed to educate business leaders on how to better navigate the ever-changing landscape of customer experience (CX). Learn how businesses can leverage both human insight and the latest technology to create exceptional customer interactions for B2B companies around the globe.

Why Attend?

Participants will gain valuable insights into how human connection and tech innovation work hand-in-hand to create richer, more effective customer experiences. Learn about Televerde’s unique approach to CX, including its latest tools and strategies for improving customer loyalty and creating better business outcomes. Whether you’re looking to refine your CX strategy or just starting to explore the potential of Human + AI in customer interactions, this webinar will give you the knowledge and inspiration you need.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is ideal for business leaders, CX professionals, marketing strategists, and anyone interested in understanding how innovative CX strategies can transform their business operations and customer relations.


Brian Moran
Founder & CEO
Brian Moran & Associates

Ashley McDonald
Director, CX & Revenue Operations

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G2 review by Ernesto C.
G2 review by Ernesto C.