Why (and When) You Should Outsource Your Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales are critical to a company’s success. While marketing builds brand awareness and attracts quality leads, the sales team qualifies those leads and converts them into revenue. Many companies develop in-house departments to handle these responsibilities. In fact, 41% of businesses conduct marketing and sales internally.

Unfortunately, companies who rely on in-house marketing and sales departments often notice a disconnect between these departments. This leads to dissonance and conflict, which can obstruct the company’s success. Most times, companies find it beneficial to outsource their marketing and sales responsibilities.

4 Reasons to Outsource Marketing and Sales

Businesses often struggle to generate leads and bring conversions. Whether there’s a lack of alignment within the company or limited resources to achieve goals, these restrictions prevent company success. Using a third-party agency, though, can offer several benefits. Here are four reasons to outsource your marketing and sales.

1. Minimize Cost

Engaging a full-time staff attracts high overhead costs. First, there are hiring expenses. Then, not only will workers need to be educated — they’ll need ongoing training to keep skill sets current as well. There’s also the cost of retention and benefits. Maintaining an internal team can be expensive. Outsourcing, on the other hand, allows you to secure a reliable, experienced team at an affordable fee.

Sometimes, you may also want to increase or decrease the intensity of your sales and marketing campaign. Outsourcing makes this cost-effective. You only have to pay for what you need, when you need it. Whether it’s adding a short-term service or a temporary contract worker, outsourcing allows you to scale your expenses as needed.

2. Provide Expertise

When you outsource marketing and sales, you’re engaging experts. Dedicated to this line of work, outsourced teams are currently using marketing and sales best practices. They also understand a variety of platforms and avenues to implement your strategies.

As an impartial third party, external teams bring an unbiased perspective. This, doubled with their experience, can provide you with fresh ideas for your marketing and sales strategy. It’s easy for businesses to fall into a routine of familiarity and comfort, even when they’re not achieving the best results. New perspectives can be eye-opening and bring the change needed for sales growth and increased ROI.

3. Bring Efficiency

Using a dedicated team of experts greatly increases your company’s efficiency. It saves you the time of finding, hiring, and training staff to develop a knowledgeable marketing and sales department. You have fewer employees to oversee, so there are fewer distractions from your core responsibilities. This allows you the freedom to focus on more important aspects of your business, like product development and innovation.

By outsourcing your marketing and sales, you also shorten the time it takes to yield results. Creating effective sales plans can take years of application, testing, and adaptation before discovering success. Outsourced teams possess the resources to quickly get your offerings to market. This means your company can focus on meeting the needs of your customers more quickly and effectively.

4. Promote Sales Growth

Launching new programs and bringing in new clients can be difficult for companies who may not have the capabilities to handle the additional workload. Internal sales and marketing departments are often stretched thin. Studies show that sales reps dedicate just 37% of their time to selling.

With so many territories and industries to reach, it can be difficult for in-house teams to maximize their potential. They can’t target all the leads available to them due to limited resources. Outsourcing allows a third-party team to focus on reaching current prospects while also building new markets. This expands the company’s target audience and allows for more opportunities for sales growth.

When to Outsource Marketing and Sales

It’s easy to see why you should consider a third-party agency for your sales and marketing needs. However, how do you know when to implement this strategy? You should consider outsourcing when you notice the following among your internal departments:

  • You’re lacking results: If your in-house team is struggling to meet high demand, they won’t be able to manage campaigns for optimal performance. Review marketing efforts to determine whether your company is reaching its goals. If results are lacking, you may be ready for outsourcing.
  • Too much multitasking: From copywriting to graphic design, marketing encompasses various responsibilities. Do you have enough people, in the right positions,  to cover each aspect of the modern marketing department? If team members are overworked and spread too thin, outsourcing can alleviate the strain.
  • No quality reporting: If you’re gaining new business but can’t determine where it came from or how much it cost, your marketing and sales efforts are ineffective. Outsourcing agencies provide regular reporting so you can track how and why your campaign is working.

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