Why B2B Marketers Should Stop Worrying and Embrace AI

Generative AI Tools like ChatGPT are dominating the headlines these days.

There’s a robust debate about natural language processing (NLP) and its place in daily life. But the reality for B2B marketers is that AI is here and already being deployed.

Naturally, artificial intelligence can lead to anxiety, especially when you work in an area that may be disrupted, including those of us who regularly create B2B marketing content.

ChatGPT and other AI-powered writing tools can produce human-like results. But that doesn’t mean content creators should resist these tools. In fact, the best B2B marketers will find ways to leverage them.

It’s not a new phenomenon. Technology has always been integral to communication, from papyrus to the printing press. Electronic word processors emerged around the late 1960s, and digital technology has played a role in writing ever since. That role has grown over the years. Whether it’s spell check or Grammarly, every writer relies on some form of computer-aided content creation.

The new NLP chatbots represent a leap forward in assistive technology. But they are just the latest in a line of innovations that make communication easier.

The AI Advantage

So, how can B2B marketers take full advantage of generative AI for content creation? Let’s start with what AI brings to the table.

  • Improved efficiency. AI tools can streamline composition, freeing B2B marketers to focus on crafting effective messages.
  • Scalability. AI-driven content production allows for the creation of large volumes of quality content. That means marketers can scale their efforts and reach broader audiences.
  • Enhanced personalization. This may be one of the most exciting aspects of AI-assisted content creation. Data shows personalization improves engagement, yields higher conversion rates, and strengthens relationships. Algorithms can analyze user behavior, preferences, and demographics to create audience-specific content.
  • Consistent tone and brand voice. Every marketing organization needs a style guide. AI-powered content creation tools can incorporate style and voice guidelines to maintain consistency. Consistent tone and brand voice across platforms help build brand identity and recognition.
  • Optimized SEO. AI can help B2B marketers target their content. AI is well-equipped to identify relevant keywords to increase organic website traffic.
  • Content localization. AI-powered translation and localization tools enable rapid multilingual content creation.
  • Data-driven decision-making. B2B Marketers can use AI to understand content performance, user behavior, and market trends.
  • Reduced human error. With appropriate human supervision, AI-generated content is less prone to typos and grammatical mistakes.

Putting the Chat Bots to Work

B2B marketing content creators may worry that NLP chatbots threaten job security. But the most successful marketing teams will see them as an opportunity rather than a threat.

The best way to approach AI-powered content creation tools is just that: as tools.

Every trade has tools, and content creation is no different. Today, writers have access to a plethora of assistive technologies that can improve their output. Using these tools thoughtfully will make content teams more productive and more effective.

And, as a bonus, the work can be more relaxed and enjoyable thanks to AI.

The best B2B marketing content creators will use AI-generated copy as a starting point. These tools can capably handle idea generation, research, and data-driven customization. That means writers can focus on delivering the most impact with every piece of content.

Hand off mundane tasks (like transcribing an interview or summarizing dense research material) to a robot assistant. Then spend your writing time, well, writing!

Plenty of AI help is also available for the actual writing task. Tools like Grammarly (which also incorporates NLP) and Hemingway are incredible writing assistants. They can help with spelling and grammar, voice, tone, and even style. In the hands of a skilled professional, these tools result in a highly polished output.

Embracing The Future

The future trajectory of B2B marketing content creation is being set today, and creators who embrace the new generation of assistive technology will thrive. Artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and similar technologies will unleash creativity and productivity for B2B marketers who are ready to engage with them.

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