Why Hope Needs to Guide Your Business Strategy

I grew up in a home where faith and hope were commonly used and discussed. This being central to my family culture, hopeful thinking carried into my adulthood, creating the eternal optimist that I still am. For years as a business consultant, I had the opportunity to sit in boardrooms listening to executives discuss various business strategies where I repeatedly heard the phrase, “Hope is not a strategy.” You hear it enough, you start to believe it.

While I agree you can’t run a business purely on hope, I have learned you also can’t execute an effective strategy without a great culture in place. The old phrase “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is very true today, even more so given the digital workplace.

Though I’ve been with Televerde just a few months, it’s been my privilege to watch as more than 400 women get up and come to work every day because of the hope they have for their futures. Hope they will make a difference in the business world. Hope they can better themselves and create future opportunities. It is this hope that shapes who we are at Televerde and is the foundation of our business strategy.

Hope is an active stance,” says Shane Lopez, Ph.D., author of Making Hope Happen. Hope pushes us to be ambitious, try out a new idea, get out of our comfort zone and ultimately become more successful. So, what is hope to me? Hope is not just where we are today, but where we can be in the future. Hope is what gets me out of bed before the sun comes up so I can spend time with the women at Perryville. Hope helps me implement feedback after mentoring and coaching sessions. Hope is what brings me together with my team and allows us to assist one another so we can continue to advance our professional and personal journeys.

Through hope, our women at Perryville and Rockville continue to come to work early and stay late at our contact centers. Through hope, they are actively learning new skills to create opportunities for growth. With hope, they are taking advantage of the education, training and opportunity provided to unlock their human potential. Thanks to hope, they now know they are more than their worst mistakes and whatever labels society places on them. Hope is what makes them sparkle and shine beyond measure.

Our CEO recently penned a terrific blog titled, Leading a Company with a Business Model That’s Changing Lives, that really speaks to the power of our business model and its ability to not only help companies all over the world succeed, but also change the lives of incarcerated women—a group that’s been severely stigmatized and largely ignored by those with the power to affect meaningful change. We plan to grow our company and extend our business model over the next decade to impact even more lives (10K is our goal).

We’re proud of our business model. It’s given hope and a voice to so many remarkable women who are diligent, loyal, driven and have a burning desire to never return to prison once they walk out those gates. Most important, it’s enabled them to find their purpose and with that a sense of empowerment. Thanks to our culture of hope, there’s an enthusiasm for learning, an excitement that’s injected into our day-to-day work streams, and a laser-like focus on our customers and the future.

I encourage you to visit our Contact Center operations at Perryville and see for yourself how a thriving culture can exceed your business goals. We are a company that leads with purpose while optimizing results for our clients, and we’d love to partner with you.

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