The Future of Sales: Why I’m Excited for the Sales 3.0 CRO Summit

This year’s edition of the Sales 3.0 Conference starts tomorrow, and I am thrilled to be attending the event again. Last year’s conference taught me so much, offering strategic insights and best practices that have significantly enhanced my approach to sales. It truly was a game-changer, and I expect this year’s event to be even better. The insights I gained and strategies I learned have helped me to up my game over the past year.

One of the sessions that stood out to me the most was hosted by Sheevaun Thatcher. She delivered a powerful keynote on the four pillars of sales enablement, emphasizing that enablement is not just training. This session helped normalize the concept that enablement is a crucial, integrated part of our strategy. Additionally, Brynne Tillman’s session on leveraging LinkedIn beyond just data mining was eye-opening. Learning about her approach to building trusted relationships online has provided me with new tools and tactics to make more authentic connections and network on LinkedIn.

This year, the focus is on AI, which is the buzzword on everyone’s lips, and I’m eager to dive into the sessions and expand my knowledge. AI has the potential to revolutionize how we approach sales, from data analytics to customer experience and revenue acceleration strategies. I’m particularly interested in learning how we can leverage AI to optimize our sales processes and drive revenue growth.

The Sales 3.0 Conference promises a diverse range of industry expertise, with more than 25 speakers representing various industry groups, including CEOs, CROs, business analysts, best-selling authors, and sales technology experts. I’m looking forward to hearing a wide range of perspectives and industry knowledge and learning more about the emerging trends and future directions in sales.

I’m particularly excited about the keynote sessions from industry experts like Teri Long from MindTickle, Dana Therrien, and Jason Snell. Here’s a sneak peek at what they’ll be discussing:

Jason Snell: Unlocking Revenue Potential: A Unified Approach to Sales Performance

This session will delve into how market uncertainty impacts revenue growth and what successful strategies leaders are deploying by evaluating their end-to-end revenue ecosystems.

Teri Long: Revolutionize Your Sales Strategy: Unleash the Power of Behavior Change

Teri will discuss strategies to empower reps and sales managers to uncover top performers’ behaviors and embed these winning strategies throughout the organization.

Beyond the sessions, the networking opportunities at Sales 3.0 are incredible. Connecting with a diverse group of professionals, sharing best practices, and expanding my network is something I look forward to each year. Moreover, I’m excited to celebrate the recognition of exceptional professionals at the annual CRO of the Year Awards and the Revenue Enablement Excellence Awards. Learning from these proven winners and understanding their success strategies is always inspiring.

If you’re attending the Sales 3.0 Conference, I’d love to connect! Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or find me at the conference.

Here’s to another year of growth, learning, and success at Sales 3.0!

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