6 Lead Generation Strategies to Take You Through 2022

Your customers are the reason your business exists. While you hope they stick with you for a long time, customer loyalty is not guaranteed. To keep your business growing, you need effective lead generation strategies.

Without a steady stream of new leads, revenue will stagnate. You need to have a clear, purpose-driven lead generation strategy to bring in the customers and revenue your business needs to thrive.

Let’s explore some of the best lead generation strategies that your business should use to get you through 2022.

Key Takeaways

  • Lead generation can be broken down into four categories: magnets, capturing, segmentation, and qualification.
  • Unique content is one of the main drivers of traffic to a website.
  • Limited time discounts and free trials can be powerful incentives that turn leads into customers.
  • Websites should be properly optimized to drive traffic to lead magnets through gated content, pop-up lead forms, and links within blogs.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of turning interested parties into leads. A lead is someone who has taken the first interested step towards becoming a customer. This means they have shared their contact information or shown an interest in your brand.

There are four key areas in lead generation:

  • Lead magnets: Any type of incentive that turns a prospect into a lead.
  • Lead capturing: Collecting information from a lead. This process typically includes names, contact information, and other relevant details like business partnerships and positions.
  • Lead segmentation: Separating leads based on their information. For example, their demographics, purchasing habits, job titles, pages they visited on your website, etc.
  • Lead qualification: Determining how likely a lead is to make a purchase.

6 Lead Generation Strategies

Not all strategies are ideal for every business. . You need to choose the right strategies for your brand. Consider your industry, the size of your business, and your typical customers. These six lead generation strategies can help you get started. 

1. Add More Content to Your Website

Content is one of the biggest drivers of traffic to websites. Content includes things like blogs, informational pages, reports, and videos. According to a Marketing Benchmark report from Hubspot, companies with 51 to 100 pages on their website generate 48% more traffic than companies with 50 or fewer pages.

The more website pages a company has, the more traffic they should see on their site.

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The more traffic flows through your site, the more leads it generates. To amplify the power of your content, you can also offer gated content. This is content that requires users to complete a lead capture form before accessing the content. Only use high-value content, such as unique research or more in-depth e-books, to get the best results. This strategy works well because it gives your potential customers something for free.

2. Offer a Valuable Newsletter 

You want your brand to stay fresh and relevant. One of the best ways to do that is to release regular newsletters with engaging and valuable information. Newsletter subscribers can learn about new products and company updates. 

Common newsletter topics include:

  • Links to the latest blog posts
  • Special offers
  • Upcoming company events
  • Updates on your products and services
  • Other recommended reading from business leaders

3. Host an Event 

Events are a great way to generate new leads and attract attention to your brand. Both in-person and online events can attract interest from potential customers. Events give you an opportunity to learn about your prospects and let them ask questions about your products. 

Consider hosting events like:

  • Workshop
  • Webinar
  • Meetup
  • Conference
  • Seminar
  • Product show

4. Offer Coupons and Discounts 

Discounts and coupons are a type of lead magnet. They can quickly convert interested prospects into paying customers. To make the deal even more attractive, advertise it as a limited-time offer or for only a certain number of customers. When they fear missing out on the deal, some leads will convert into customers even faster.

5. Let Customers Try Your Services for Free 

Offering your products and services with a free trial is a great strategy for generating leads. The idea of getting something for free is very appealing. Depending on what your business offers, this could be a small sample of some of your products or a short one-week trial of your basic services.

Once a lead has signed up for a trial, you can show off the full benefits of your products and services through a drip-email campaign. These emails plus the use of your products may be enough to encourage many of your trial users to convert into full customers.

Many streaming services offer free trials. Viewers are pulled in and start watching new shows. Then, when the trial is over, they either forget to cancel or they love the viewing options and decide to stay.

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6. Optimize Your Website 

Many leads arrive at your website organically. Perhaps they heard about your brand and went directly to the source to learn more. With these visitors in mind, each page on your website needs to have an easily visible lead magnet above the fold. They should not have to scroll to see a lead form, especially on your home page. Promoting lead magnets on your website can be done in a variety of ways:

  • Use a call-to-action on your homepage
  • Link to lead magnets within blog posts
  • Use a lead generation pop-up
  • Add a hello bar to the top or bottom of your site
  • Use a sidebar to promote lead magnets

The best lead magnets create a desire for your products while also solving a problem. This video explores the criteria that all good lead magnets have and how you use lead magnets to turn leads into customers.

If your leads have slowed to a trickle, it is time for a new strategy. At Televerde, we offer a turnkey lead generation service that works to engage your audience across all your channels. If you like that service, we can take your prospects further through lead qualification.

Want to see how a revamped lead generation strategy can accelerate your growth? Contact us today to get started.

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