6 Reasons Why N3 Customers Should Jump Ship to Televerde Now

Why Jump Ship to Televerde?

With news that Accenture is acquiring N3, customers may be wondering where this move will leave them once the dust settles. Establishing an effective lead generation pipeline depends on agility and actionable insights, which may lead to additional strain on in-house resources with N3’s new ownership structure. Keeping your customers engaged and properly serviced can become a challenge during the shuffle that’s to come.

Limiting the Likely Disruption from Accenture’s N3 Acquisition

We understand that finding the right marketing, lead generation, and sales growth partner is a strategic, essential decision. Now may be the perfect time to move your marketing and sales requirements to Televerde. Let’s look at six reasons why Televerde should be part of your future considerations for sales growth and increased revenue.

  1. Using Clear Insights and a Competitive Advantage to Drive Your Revenue Strategically

Many companies are already struggling with the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. For leadership teams, it’s vital to find the right strategic partner that can use competitive intelligence to ensure your business bounces back successfully. Everyone agrees that the global business environment will no longer be the same as markets start reopening, making an agile marketing approach essential for companies returning to normal operations.

  1. Driving Decisions and Revenue Growth with Greater Agility

Responding quickly to changes in customer behavior and market disruptions depends on effective leadership decisions informed by the latest target data and customer analysis. With actionable target data, organizations can develop effective demand generation strategies that provide actual revenue growth.

A stronger commitment to data quality can generate 70% more revenue than organizations that aren’t actively cleaning and maintaining target data. Being able to respond effectively and quickly to any change in customer motivations, buyer profiles, and larger social concerns requires a team of professionals dedicated to your company’s vision and growth strategy.

  1. Getting the Right Help That’s Focused on the Growth of Your Business

With an ever-expanding Martech solution stack, finding experienced resources who understand the benefits of a particular product can save time and further grow revenues. Televerde collaborates with any sized organization to identify, evaluate, and configure the right solutions while guiding your team through every step of the process.

  1. Avoid Taking on More Costs and Complexity than Needed – Grow with Agility!

Realizing your company’s potential relies on getting the most out of your tools and resources. By adopting the right marketing automation solutions and optimizing target data, you can respond to insights when required, keep your costs down, and reduce the complexity of the entire process. When planning a unique strategy for your organization, Televerde can support your efforts with dedicated resources and expert guidance. We’ll also assist with scaling your marketing and sales operations as required as soon as you realize the benefits that come with our 25 years of sales growth experience.

  1. Get the Right Insights and Growth without Added Costs and Complexity

Increasing demand generation and rapidly recovering revenue is still the primary goal. To achieve this, campaigns need to revisit the start-up mindset but focus on being human at the core. Televerde can help develop the necessary customer playbooks, call scripts, content marketing assets, and build a pipeline velocity checklist to nurture real growth. We can assist with digital events that improve lead generation, work with your team for increased agility, and use attributable analytics to hone in on the best strategy.

  1. Can You Afford Greater Costs and Complexity in an Already Challenged Landscape?

Companies should avoid getting lost in the shuffle from Accenture’s N3 acquisition. In an evolving landscape, your organization will need clear advice and dedicated support for SEO optimization, blogging, email campaigns, including content marketing using video and social media channels. Providing a unified customer experience across all platforms, assets, and departments will ensure your marketing and sales processes can flourish and deliver the kind of growth you expect.

Minimizing the Risk of Marketing and Sales Disruption with Televerde

Televerde is a global marketing and sales organization, working with its customers to build insights and create demand growth during these challenging times. We can help you reach a larger audience with sophisticated targeting data over the entire digital landscape. Our primary goal is to help our customers grow their revenues by aligning their sales and marketing strategies.

Our Marketing as a Service helps customers by:

  • Providing tenured agents that deliver results during every stage of your marketing and sales funnels.
  • Delivering end-to-end support at every stage of the process, from strategy to increased revenues.
  • Driving growth using digital automation, competitive intelligence, and actionable insights.
  • Developing customer journeys that result in lasting relationships and revenue continuity.

With the news that Accenture will be taking over the helm of N3, SMBs and Enterprises should ensure they don’t get lost in the shuffle. Switching to Televerde now can limit any disruption to your sales and marketing strategy, ensuring you get the service-excellence your organization deserves. Our team remains dedicated to our customers’ long-term goals, helping them navigate an increasingly complex marketing landscape.

For more information about our range of services and technologies, check out these resources that can help with your sales growth.

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