9 Martech Tools to Skyrocket Your Lead Generation Numbers

Lead generation tools can help companies streamline the often-complex process of converting web visitors into viable leads.

The truth is, without martech tools to help, it’s nearly impossible for companies to fully understand how visitors are interacting with their websites or even know who those people are.

In order to reach out to potential leads, tools like automated lead gen triggers and web traffic trackers are needed. Otherwise, companies couldn’t collect information and would rely on prospects to make the first outreach.

There are several martech tools specifically focused on lead generation that companies can integrate with their websites, email marketing systems, and CRM systems. These tools create effective lead generation processes and help optimize internal sales operations thanks to capabilities like data analytics, forecasting, database management, and task trackers.

Here are 9 of the best martech tools your company can use to generate quality leads.


  • Martech tools focus on different lead generation tactics like tracking web traffic, automated lead-gen triggers, and social proof notifications.
  • Some tools specialize in one tactic while others offer a more comprehensive set of product and service packages.
  • Most tools can be easily integrated with CRM and other systems for back-end process optimization.
  • Many tools offer free trials, a great way to try out various options and choose the one that’s best for your company.



OptinMonster covers a number of lead generation strategies, including email marketing, pop ups, exit intent tools, floating bars, forms, geolocation tracking and more. OptinMonster serves companies of all sizes (small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations) and offers a free trial, so it’s easy to try out.

Known for its user-friendly interface and wide range of lead generation tools, OptinMonster is a great tool for companies looking to implement a comprehensive lead gen strategy that includes several different tactics.


Did you know that 92% of people trust brand recommendations from peers? TrustPulse capitalizes on this. The tool is based on the idea of leads generated by social proof, or the idea that normative behavior (in other words, the way most other people behave or act) influences individual actions. In marketing, we look at social proof as it influences buying decisions.

TrustPulse claims to boost conversions by 15% using tactics like live streams of customer actions (such as purchases, event registrations, email subscriptions, and more), and customized timing and targeting for notifications.

You can see below how the social proof notifications pop up from the TrustPulse tool.

Hubspot Marketing Hub

Like OptinMonster, Hubspot offers access to a number of free tools that come with their CRM system (like forms, email templates, and tracking tools for web activity, tasks, and deals), offering a variety of options for lead generation tactics.

Their Marketing and Sales Hubs also come with additional services focused on better reporting and data analytics, enhanced account and contact management tools, and team collaboration systems. Both Hubs are particularly well-suited for B2B companies.


Leads generated by referrals convert at a 30% higher rate, so it makes sense to implement a lead generation strategy that encourages referrals. According to ReferralCandy, 89% of satisfied customers are willing to recommend brands they like, but only 29% actually do.

ReferralCandy makes it easier for customers to recommend your brand using social integration and motivates them to do it by helping you offer incentives (like discounts). The tool also tracks your progress, reporting on both the number of leads generated by referrals and total revenue earned from those leads.


Video content is consistently rated the most preferred type of content by consumers, and Turnstile helps brands generate leads with engaging video content.

Turnstile is offered by Wisteria, a video hosting company for B2B brands. The Turnstile premise is that web visitors will share their email address in exchange for the ability to continue watching video content they’ve already started.

After a video gets to a certain point, a short form comes up asking for the viewer to share their email address. The tool also integrates with your email system to send leads directly to your contact list.

Hello Bar

Hello Bar creates customized pop-ups and floating bars at the top of your website to drive email subscriptions or other targeted calls to action that convert visitors into leads.

Pop ups can be targeted by location, device, visitor, webpage, and more. Hello Bar offers fully customizable designs and easy integration that make your pop ups attractive (not annoying) to website visitors. It also offers A/B testing capabilities for maximum impact.

Hello Bar also lets you try their tool for free (of course your email is required in exchange) so you can see what the pop ups and floating bars would look like on your own website before you sign up for the tool.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sales management tool designed to help sales reps, teams, and companies tap into their individual and shared networks to generate leads. Navigator offers features like lead recommendations, advanced search capabilities, profile unlocking outside of your direct connections, and potential lead identification using your team’s combined networks. Sales Navigator also includes access to LinkedIn Premium features.

LinkedIn offers Sales Navigator packages designed for individuals through to enterprise-level companies, but it’s most valuable for B2B companies looking to leverage their team’s networks.


Did you know only 2% of your website visitors leave their contact information? Leadfeeder helps companies collect information about the other 98%, giving them the ability to follow up and convert what would otherwise be lost opportunities.

Leadfeeder not only tracks down web visitor data, it also analyzes the quality of those visitors and only funnels through company visitors that are viable lead prospects. The tool can filter visitors by job role, seniority, location, and more. It integrates with most B2B CRM systems, meaning leads can be funneled directly into your lead database.

Leadfeeder also analyzes visitor behavior so companies can better understand how visitors are interacting with their site and optimize it for lead generation and user experience.

Optimize Your Lead Generation Strategy Today

Leveraging martech tools is a smart sales tactic, but it won’t be effective without a solid lead generation strategy to serve as the foundation. Learn how Televerde can help with your lead generation strategy today!

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