Three Quick Tips for B2B Holiday Marketing (Yes – it’s a thing)

Are you a B2B marketer, but also dying to ‘deck the halls’ this year? Around Halloween, when B2C marketers begin to construct their twinkling holiday displays and door-busting black-Friday promotions, B2B marketers can feel a little left out. How do we compete with Santa and the reindeer and the 90%-off big-screen-TV sales?

While it’s going to be tough to get your complex B2B solution under the tree this year, holidays are a great time to build brand awareness by showcasing the human element of your company.

After all – whether we’re in B2B or B2C – we’re all people buying from people; and everybody likes a little warm and fuzzy sometimes (especially warm, fuzzy socks and hot cocoa around the fire place).

Prospects are people, too.

Your prospects and customers will spend the holidays cozied up in cabins with their families browsing their mobile devices while the kids play on the couch next to them. Or maybe browsing their iPads on the 4-hour long plane ride to Grandma’s.

They definitely don’t want to read anything too technical – as work is likely not top of mind. They want to be entertained with relatable, relevant content. Let’s be real, what kinds of things do you want to read on winter vacation?

Need ideas on how to keep your prospects and customers engaged over the holidays? Here’s what we’ve come up with at Televerde:

1. Be festive

Cheery CTAs (calls to action) on your collateral

You don’t have to be cheesy or ridiculous by making up your own B2B Holiday sing-along (jingle bells, software sells, Robin landed a deal!), just relate to your customers with something relevant to them at this time of year. Think referencing travel plans, sugary snacks, gift-giving, and – of course – family.

A cheery social media presence

Google is famous for their holiday-themed banners. People love them, so don’t be afraid to add some holiday swag to your website, logos, and branded content! This includes social media banners and posts.

Feel free to use your company’s Facebook feed to post pictures of you and your co-workers at this year’s company holiday party with a trendy hashtag. Or have your execs share wise words from their travel destinations on Twitter… the options are aplenty!

Create holiday-themed content

As a demand generation company that provides teleservices for some of the world’s largest organizations, it’s safe to say we’ve had our fair share of cold-calls gone wrong. This past Halloween, we took our subscribers behind the scenes of our call centers with five cold-calling horror stories.

‘Tis the season for humanizing your company. Have your CEO share her famous family recipe for chocolate chip cookies in a holiday video (possibly while answering some frequently asked questions). The key here is to be fun, authentic, and relatable.

Be international

Last year, we took you along to celebrate the holidays with Televerde around the globe. Holiday traditions vary from culture to culture– and if you’re a global company – you’re sitting on a goldmine of international holiday content!

How do they celebrate the holidays at the corporate office in Madrid? Or Hong Kong? Holiday pictures of your team are perfect for showcasing your vast employee base.

2. Be charitable

Give away something useful

We know it wasn’t #1 on this year’s wish list, but we’re giving away the secrets to social selling success and intent data in our two new eBooks. Give your clients and prospects something useful! EBooks, webinars, online courses, and all forms of knowledge sharing are great for getting your name out there as an expert while providing super-useful content.

Season of giving

This Thanksgiving, we’re sharing the way our ladies on the inside are constantly giving back in our culture of giving blog. I’m lucky to work for a company where giving is an integral part of both our business model and culture. We are, after all, a company built on providing second chances to incarcerated women both while in prison and after release, helping them find their voice and reach their human potential. How does your company make a difference?

3. Be grateful

Thank your clients and employees for a fantastic year!

It’s all about family, so here at Televerde, we are doing a Holiday Round Table series where we go around the Televerde family table and celebrate the different types of people who keep our company going and growing. We’re going around the table and interviewing clients, employees, and executives; asking the important questions as we move into the new year, such as;

    • What or whom are you most grateful for in 2019?
    • What’s one professional or personal goal you have for the New Year?
    • What’s your favorite holiday food or drink?

& A Happy new year!

There’s no better time for B2C marketing than the holidays; as consumers have been eyeing products for most of the year and are compiling ideas for their loved ones’ wish lists.

Businesses have been behaving in a similar way – researching and budgeting for products, software and professional services they plan to implement in the upcoming year.

We’re all in the business of people, but many B2B marketers tend to fall back and let the B2C companies take the spotlight during the holiday season. Don’t fall victim to the end-of-year B2B slump, and you’ll enter the New Year strong.

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