Centre Technologies: A Portrait of Success During Challenging Times

It’s no secret that businesses have been hit hard or are experiencing new challenges due to recent world events. Our customer, Centre Technologies, decided to go all-in by implementing a sales and marketing program, even during this time of uncertainty. Our partnership is only a couple of months old, but they’re already reporting a closed-won deal with several additional opportunities currently in discussion.

We reached out to Centre Technologies to learn more about their experience, and here’s what they shared with us:

“Although we had heavy concerns launching the program during a global pandemic, the Televerde team have proven to be flexible and agile in adjusting the message to best resonate with our prospective customers. Their ability to discover new opportunities during a trying time, gives us confidence of a bright future and trusted partner in growing our business.”

– Chris Pace, CEO, Centre Technologies

We sat down with two of our agents on the Centre Technologies campaign – Cassandra and Diane – for a quick Q&A to find out more about their secrets to success.


Question: What do you think makes our partnership with Centre Technologies so successful?

Cassandra: “In the world we live in today, I believe taking risks is necessary to move forward and experience growth. How will you know if you don’t try? Centre began their relationship with Televerde coinciding with the harsh reality of COVID-19. Despite the fear sweeping the globe, they solidified their confidence and their relationship with us. They have been extremely transparent, interactive, and trusting in us as tenured agents. Rather than question our roles in their business plan, they welcomed Televerde as a true extension of their internal sales team, even adding us to their official Sales Playbook. I believe taking a risk and putting complete trust and faith in us has been the number one attribute to their success thus far.”

Diane: “COVID-19 was a big surprise to companies and the majority were unprepared. Centre Technologies is a Managed Service Provider that is in a unique position to help companies quickly react and adapt to the new normalcy of the remote workforce. Disaster recovery and business continuity are just some of the many services they provide. But let’s be real, you’re only as good as the action you put behind the response. Together with the Televerde team, Centre took quick, decisive action in developing strong messaging on how they support businesses within their own communities overcome obstacles to quickly get their employees up and running remotely. I can attribute Centre’s success to strong collaboration and communication across the team. Cassandra and I welcomed their suggestions and new messaging and ran with it. We have been able to continue delivering market qualified leads through the pandemic, and we haven’t slowed down yet!”

Question: What are some success tips and tricks you can give your peers?

Cassandra: “Consistent collaboration and teamwork keep me dedicated to my role and my responsibilities to Centre. There are times when you feel like success is just not obtainable. In the beginning of this program, Diane and I were targeting only Oil & Gas and Financial industries. With the downfall of the Oil & Gas industry paired with COVID-19 being well under way, we were swimming backwards. We met as a team every morning to discuss targeting and messaging and were able to come to a unanimous decision to request all industries for our calling efforts. Client success then reached out to Centre (they speak almost daily) and received permission for us to approach new target markets. Within a day of the new industry expansion we were popping off leads every day! Clients being open to feedback and sharing of ideas is so important to what we do as agents.”

Diane: “It’s important to think outside-the-box and be creative in the way you target your prospects. You would be surprised at the useful information you can learn about people. An example of this would be when I was targeting a C-level executive for a well-known company and it became apparent she was never going to answer the phone. During my research, I came across a “C Expert Panel” discussion (similar to TEDx) where she participated, promoting women in leadership. Being a career-focused woman myself, I was able to relate and reference this discussion, which resulted in her response and a successful meeting. The best advice I can give is to do your research and find ways to relate to prospects.”


Question: What’s something you want our audience to know about you?

Cassandra: “I have found self-fulfillment in what I do every day. Simply by having conversations with people, educating them, and being able to provide insight they may have never known existed. I truly feel like I am making a difference in peoples’ lives.”

Diane: “I have a passion for communication, and I love to learn. I have heard the saying that “you can never stop learning,” and this is so true. It is amazing how much I have grown and continue to grow in my skillset. Technology is fluid, and I am learning something new every day. It makes me proud when I can effectively communicate the things I have learned to a prospect, knowing that I am contributing to solving problems and overcoming obstacles for companies and clients.”

Question: What are your goals for the future?

Cassandra: ”I want to live a successful life. That includes being helpful, loving, and giving – both in my personal and professional realms. Professionally, I hope to move forward in the technology space, providing insight and solutions to companies that will make their day-to-day lives easier.”

Diane: “Short-term, deliver above and beyond my client’s expectations. Long-term, continue developing my skills to further my career in sales and sales development.”

Here at Televerde, we love seeing our customers succeed! But the most rewarding aspect of our business model is the fact that our clients’ success is directly tied to a better future for the women and families of Televerde.

Delivering results for our clients while helping women realize their full potential is exactly what Televerde is all about.

Need help learning how to adapt and pivot to succeed in the new environment? Reach out with any questions or to talk strategy with one of our experts.

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