Go Virtual! How Digital Events Boost Pipeline and Leads

Digital Events Boost Pipeline and Leads for Enterprise Businesses

From company closures to canceled meetings, COVID-19 has changed how professionals conduct business. So much of corporate success comes from face-to-face contact. In fact, 85% of people say they build more meaningful business relationships during in-person meetings. Now, these interactions must take place virtually, and companies must rethink their event data strategy.

The inability of people to gather in person presents a challenge for some companies. Large-format events are an invaluable networking platform. Businesses count on these gatherings for lead generation and sales growth. Luckily, in the face of lockdowns, digital events are still a possibility.

Businesses are turning to the internet to build relationships and promote their company. Since March, one virtual event platform has hosted more than 52,000 meetings. By reimagining events and shifting to an online format, companies can adjust their marketing approach, boost their pipeline, and generate leads.

Benefits of Digital Events in Your Event Data Strategy

Although virtual events have challenges, they are an effective tool for generating revenue. In fact, they could even be more successful than in-person events.

    • Dedicated audience: People who attend the meeting want to be there. They’re interested in your company and your products – they aren’t there for free giveaways.
    • Affordable: Not only is it cost-effective for you (you’re saving thousands of dollars in venue and equipment fees), but it’s affordable for your attendees (no airfare or hotel costs).
    • Far-reaching: Because there are no travel limitations, you can attract an unlimited, global audience.
  • Measurable: Since all interactions take place online, you’re able to collect more information about your attendees. This helps you determine their intent and understand their expectations. All of this enables you to define your target audience and create content for the best lead generation.

With virtual events, the possibilities are endless. You’re only limited by your imagination and the capabilities of the platform you use. With some creative planning, you can present a memorable and highly successful virtual event that drives revenue for your business.

How Digital Events Generate Quality Leads

Here are four ways virtual meetings generate leads and sales growth.

  1. Create Partnership Opportunities

Many virtual meetings feature keynote speakers. Whether these are people from within your company or outside industry experts, guest speakers draw an audience. You already know the needs of your attendees. Choose a speaker well-known or well-versed in the topic of choice. A credible resource adds value to your event.

Additionally, these partners can help you promote your event to their list of contacts. By sharing your event details, they not only increase potential attendees to the event, they also broaden the spectrum of prospects for your company. More people will visit your site to learn more about your event, your company, and the products you offer. This will consequently open your pipeline and increase the potential for quality leads.

  1. Enable Demonstrations

With a virtual event, you have a captive audience of potential buyers. This is the perfect opportunity to offer a visual demonstration of your products. The beauty of online meetings: the feedback is instantaneous. People can ask questions in real time, and you can explain details face to face (on screen). You save time typically spent on back and forth emails, creating a more efficient sales process.

Since everything is presented digitally, you can really think outside the box to create an outstanding user experience. Studies show that people retain 95% of a message seen in a video and only 10% when read in text. Whether it’s a video or a real-time product demonstration, your visual should be easy to access and simple to understand. This helps increase quality leads.

  1. Reach a Larger Audience

A major advantage of a digital event is the lack of limitations on attendance. You can invite a diverse, global audience and a larger gathering of prospects. Nobody must consider airfare or hotel expenses. Venue occupancy is no longer an issue. Corporate leaders whose schedules may not allow for travel can conveniently access the event from their home office.

Plus, because registration for these events is done online, virtual events are an easy way to gather information about your target audience. When you attract this large pool of potential customers, you’re able to learn more about their needs. This allows you to create valuable content to connect with them long after the meeting has ended.

  1. Support Prolonged Accessibility

A virtual event doesn’t have to end after its broadcast. Keep your event available online for several days past its launch. Attendees may choose to watch it again, or they may spread the word for others to click through or download your material. The more people who see your event, the more contacts you develop. The more engagement you have, the more data you gather. All of this equates to a higher ROI.

Whether your event lasts one day or one year, you’re able to create a community of like-minded people with similar interests and needs. Here, you can provide a wealth of valuable content that resonates with your audience, generates more leads, and drives sales for your business.

Develop Your Event Data Strategy with Televerde

We know that in today’s climate there’s no such thing as “business as usual.” As a global sales and marketing company, we can work with your team to develop creative solutions that generate leads and drive results. Our global resources paired with our full-service solutions help you boost engagement and revenue.

Let us help you develop an effective strategy to generate leads through your virtual meetings. Contact us today.

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