HIMSS17 recap: Seize the moment to make healthcare innovations a reality

“We’re in a moment when we can actually transform pieces of healthcare,” said IBM CEO Ginny Rometty during her inspiring keynote presentation at HIMSS17, which set the tone for the whole conference.

Rometty envisioned a world where cognitive computing technologies usher in a golden era for more personalized, precise medicine. QualcommLife President Rich Valencia talked about improving hospital-to-home transitions for newly-discharged patients and people managing chronic conditions. And hundreds of other presenters offered ideas and insights about how technology can improve healthcare for all of us.

It’s an exciting time to be in health IT, and it’s more important than ever to avoid letting outdated, inefficient sales and marketing techniques limit your opportunity to bring healthcare innovations to the world.

Healthcare innovations require innovative sales and marketingWhat good are healthcare innovations if they fail to see the light of day? At Televerde, we’re dedicated to helping health IT companies make their innovations a reality through the application of innovative marketing and sales services.

At HIMSS17, our own Justin Vogel led a lunch presentation about the work we’ve been doing for a health IT company that provides practice management and electronic health record technology to providers. The company had a great product, but was having trouble reaching the right people.

After understanding the company’s problems with employee turnover, as well as their need for a more reliable lead-generation engine, we recommended the following solutions:

  • Optimize Marketo marketing automation technology to address Web-based requests more quickly
  • Outsource a scalable team of teleservices agents, with direct healthcare knowledge, to qualify prospects and service inbound inquiries
  • Create impactful messaging that leveraged the company’s impressive KLAS score

After partnering with Televerde, this health IT company closed more than $1 million in new business, and had $18 million in its sales pipeline.

To learn how the experts at Televerde can help you better engage with healthcare technology buyers, please feel free to contact me anytime. Download a healthcare marketing overview

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