Honoring Televerde’s MVPs on this Super Bowl Weekend

Are you ready for some football!? Super Bowl LIII is right around the corner and we’re all anticipating the big game—or maybe just the commercials and halftime entertainment. Throughout these days leading up to Sunday’s game, it’s hard to avoid hearing the questions around who are you rooting for? and the deep analyzations of players, coaches and questionable officiating. The Patriots and Rams have shown their strengths throughout the season but there’s another team that suits up and plays their heart out every single day: Televerde.

Televerde is a global demand generation company with a focus on accelerating sales and driving revenue for clients. What’s most intriguing is the powerhouse of our team is located within the walls of correctional facilities in Arizona and Indiana. Televerde employs incarcerated women in various calling roles like lead and business development, as well as administrative roles in Information Technology, Marketing, and even Finance. In their all-orange uniforms, the women hold highly intelligent phone conversations with business professionals and are sought out by C-level executives of our clients around the world.

Rightfully so, these women are the real MVPs. They play offense and defense. They pump each other up and help others to keep a cool head when things get rough. They are resourceful and tactical. They review and absorb every playbook. They listen and learn from their coaches and mentors and can turn around to teach and lead their teammates. Their motivation is unwavering and their dedication to the game seems too good to be true. You think those sweaty football players are competitive? Try your hand at a lead contest “bake-off” against one of our callers—you’ll be in the presence of a true winner.

By investing in these women through education, job training and opportunity, we can help them successfully re-enter their communities, reunite with their families, and build meaningful and rewarding careers. Even after the women take off their headsets and leave the prison gates to work at corporate or elsewhere in the market, they continue to overcome countless challenges and advance themselves both professionally and personally. At Televerde, we work hard to keep reducing the recidivism rate (currently less than 5.5%) of the women that graduate from the Televerde program inside, which many transition to corporate and contribute to 50% of our corporate population. This is Televerde’s game changer.

So, as we stuff ourselves silly with guacamole and scream at the televisions, we think about the team that not only works diligently for the company and our number one fans (our clients!), but also the team that makes a societal impact to improve the lives of the employees, families, and communities. We operate with the purpose of helping others and cultivating change. And if you ask me, I think there is only one team to root for: Televerde!

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