Solve Your Talent Gap With Internal Mobility

By Julie Salomone

In 2021, we’ve seen a lot of employees leaving their current roles for better opportunities. This phenomenon, known as the Great Resignation, has significantly impacted nearly every industry. While it seems that no business is immune, the organizations with the strongest cultures are the ones retaining the most employees. There are many aspects to good company culture, but one of the most important cultural factors for 2022 and beyond is internal mobility. According to LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report, 51 percent of learning and development professionals stated that internal mobility is a higher priority now than before the Covid-19 pandemic. The same report states that employees at high internal mobility companies stay for twice as long compared to those in low mobility organizations. Many organizations are struggling to fill roles as they open. It’s critically important to not only focus on attracting new employees but retaining those employees and your current staff as well. Employees, especially those that are the highest performing, do not want to feel like they have nowhere to go within the organization. As an HR leader, you should be in the business of providing opportunities to people and allowing them to be owners of their own fate. But with so many things on the plates of HR professionals, it can be difficult to ensure your teams are ready and aware of opportunities within the business.

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