Televerde Survey: Misaligned Internal Departments

Televerde Survey Reveals 61 Percent of Sales and Marketing Departments are Still Not Aligned around Customer Engagement Strategy

79 Percent of Respondents Value Customer Data from Other Departments, But Type of Data Being Used is Not Improving Sales and Marketing

Phoenix, Ariz. (PRWEB) May 12, 2015 — Televerde, the leader in propelling the marketing and sales pipeline, announced today the results of a survey conducted with sales and marketing leadership in April and May, 2015. The survey revealed that 61 percent of sales and marketing departments are still not aligned around their company’s customer engagement strategy, illuminating how the customer handoff between sales and marketing is still not clear. Additionally 79 percent of respondents say they do value customer data from other departments, but the type of data they value is mostly statistical information including payment history, technical data and website metrics. There is very little in-depth collaboration around customer engagement and the joint customer coverage strategy which can greatly improve the sales and marketing pipeline.

100 percent of respondents agree it is important or very important to communicate with other departments about customer engagement as part of the lead-to-revenue process. However, with the rise of big data there can be too much data to sift through, making it difficult for marketing and sales departments to coordinate global customer information coming their way. Out of all survey respondents, only a little more than half say they have a solution in place to interpret customer data.

“The continued growth in the amount of data available means that a mash up of various sources of data, including relevant customer information from sales and marketing and other areas that touch the customer, is now critical in delivering a successful customer model,” said Jim Hooker, CEO of Televerde. “That’s why Televerde is working with existing clients to help companies put a strategy behind all the customer information they are seeing and amassing. Our new Pipeline Navigator capability will keep sales and marketing aligned throughout the customer pipeline.”

With customers using any number of devices and channels when dealing with companies, alignment between sales and marketing departments in engaging with buyers or prospective customers is more critical now than ever before. Sales and marketing departments are receiving massive amounts of data from customers and other departments, but don’t have the tools in place to dive deep enough into how that data can improve the customer relationship. Even with new digital communications tools, the concept of “human touch” continues to be valued in a customer lead-to-revenue process, with 74 percent of respondents admitting that it’s more important than ever. With massive amounts of data coming from digital communication, the growing importance of human touch and the ever-changing nature of buyer preferences, best practices are hard to establish.

“What’s needed is a strong lead-to-revenue process to identify areas for improvement and for more effective pipeline management. Managing customer engagement is mission-critical to maintain and build upon established relationships and extend the sales and marketing pipeline,” said Hooker.

Televerde’s new offering, Pipeline Navigator, helps close the analytics gap being felt by sales and marketing departments. With Pipeline Navigator, corporations and emerging businesses can improve targeting, engagement, and analysis of sales and marketing data. Drilled-down visibility is provided into the pipeline, revealing how prospects and customers are reacting to campaigns and sales tactics, with the ability to adjust and personalize messaging, offers, and sales tactics. Sales and marketing departments can mine their data to identify Page 2/3 If you have any questions regarding information in these press releases please contact the company listed in the press release. Our complete disclaimer appears here – PRWeb ebooks – Another online visibility tool from PRWeb and market to similar prospects, creating more efficient processes and greatly reducing costs.

Based on continuing customer insight and feedback Televerde’s Pipeline Navigator includes an Interactive Pipeline Insights Dashboard for executive, marketing, operations and field sales, featuring an intuitive portal that lets businesses find more prospects that look like their best customers, saving time and money spent on purchasing lists. Other future features that Televerde plans to include with its Pipeline Navigator capability are as follows:

  • Insight Library – links analysis with contextual information such as industry research, key trend reports, product roadmaps and collateral specific to the campaigns being run.
  • “Heard on the Street” News Feed – RSS feeds provide current, filtered information on executive, financial, industry and company information.
  • Voice-to-Text Analytics – provides analysis of voice and digital communications to derive additional sales and marketing insights.

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